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new diagnosis, new member, searching for right answers.. or even right questions

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In 2009, psa went from 1.9 to 3.6. Had 2 biopsies in Nov and Feb 2010 that came back negative. In Sept of 2011, PSA during routine physical showed PSA 19.6. Biopsey one month later was negative but PSA 29. After month on Cipro to address possible infection as cause psa was 27+. Another Biopsey in Jan and then Feb 3, 2012 got news: 1 core of 12, 15%, Gleason 6 (3+3) T1C. Subsequently, I had a bone scan that was negative and an MRI with endorectal coil that showed 1 suspect lymph node. Have lymph node biopsy scheduled for 3/26 but I suspect it is positive.

So I am already looking at options to reduce my decision time. There is so much to read and learn and yet none of it seems to point to clear paths. Any thoughts or experiance would be helpful in my decision making and my journey.


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Hey Irish,

I'm not sure what references you have been consulting; however, one you may want to consider reading is "Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer", by Patrick C. Walsh, MD. Dr. Walsh does favor surgical treatment; however, he does do a good job of giving an introduction to many of the PCa patients concerns, and possible treatments.

Another book that I've found helpful is "Saving Your Sex Life, A Guide for Men With Prostate Cancer", by John P. Mulhall, MD.

Best of luck in your battle with PCa.

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I have downloaded some guidelines from NCCN that have been very helpful. I will look into that book recommendation.

OSU Medical Campus has the James Cancer Research Center which is nationally ranked. I think I am in good hands and agree the Cleveland Clinic is also an excellent choice.

I have tried to contact the local Us Too support groups but got back undeliverable messages. i don't know if they are still active or what.....

thanks again..

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Sorry to hear about your recent dx of P.Ca. From what I gather from your post your PSA shot up from 3.6 to 19 after 18 months following the 2nd negative biopsy. Then you had a 3rd negative biopsy and the PSA shot up even further to 29. You took Cipro for a month and the f/u PSA was about the same (27). Then you had a 4th biopsy which showed GS 6 low volume adenoca. The magnitude of PSA rise seems too steep to account for what seems to be a T1C-low volume low grade disease. I suspect there must be some other process going on ( ?) atypical prostatitis? some biopsy induced inflammation ? or some resistant organism?. Did endorectal MRI rule out any micro-fistular tracts that mught be feeding into the prostate?. Was the DRE painful?
I think the lymph node biopsy would be the next appropriate step, and i would suggest that the Urologist send the specimen for fungal and bacterial cultures as well. IMHO it's a reactive lymphedenitis rather than malignamcy. Our prayers are with you.

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rch.. thank you. I am still ramping up on my education and some of your comments don't register but will research and gain more understanding. I think I respond to a few items. Your review of my history is basically correct. I have had two highly regarded Drs review my results and both indicated that a small contained T1C finding would not fully explain a PSA in high 20's and suspect something more. Accordingly, I am having more tests (scan, mri, lynph node biopsy.) The DRE was normal, not painful. Other than that, I can't respond to your other comments/questions at this time.

thanks you for your thoughts and prayers....

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