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Proton Therapy

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Has anyone had Proton Therapy on there lungs? If so please share how it worked.My husband had 35 radiation treatments on his lyump nodes between the two lungs.The cancer has now spread into both lungs.He is now considering Proton Therapy because it does less damage to the lungs and his lungs are so bad he is already on oxygen 24/7.He has stage 3B lung cancer .If you have any information please share. Thank you.

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Hard to beleive noone answered this ?? I had cyberknife for a lung tumor. I read alot about proton Therapy and understand most of it. There aren't many sites in U.S.I think maybe a dozen. I talked with the dr. who performed the cyberknife and he says proton is a waste of money. He says it's about the table and how the table is integrated with the machine in order to be more exacting during targeting. I would investigate that before you're sold on proton. They are both cutting edge methods. I like the idea of proton with no "through" radiation. Talk to some experts.

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Thank you for the information. We have been checking out Cyberknife and found out everything you said about Proton Therapy is true. We found three cancer centers near us in Michigan that do Cyberknife. We are going back to my husbands oncologist to investigate more.Since my husband has tumors in both lungs with the right lung being the worse we have several questions.
If you don't mind me asking did you have one tumor and what stage was your lung
cancer in.How are you doing now? Did you need any chemo afterwards?
We have seen three oncologist and of course we want to go with the treatment that is the most precise radiation and does less damage to nearby healthy tissue.I have read about the X-Knife,CyberKnife,and Clinac.
I will keep you posted on what we find out and what we decide.I also will be praying for you.
Thank you for your reply

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Positive wife,,, I had Chemo and rads first to kill and shrink the tumor prior to surgery. Surgery became impossible as expected due to spine involvement.(thus stage 4). then CK and another chemo to finish it off. It's been 3 years NED. Therfore, I am a beleiver in Cyberknife. I wish you the best which ever route you choose. It's cool to have options.

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Dear AlanRinHBG,

Congratulations on your success in beating the cancer!


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Henry Ford-Josephine Ford Cancer Center is a good one for Stereotactic Radiation, not to be confused with Cybernife or Gamma Ray....but told to be similar.

There is U of M, and probably Karmanos

Best wishes
Dave - Stage VI nsclc with brian mets (a Henry Ford Survivor!!)

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