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Claritin and Neulasta...when do I take the Claritin?

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I have my Neulasta shot tomorrow.....when do I take the Claritin that many of you take to counter act side effects?

Need the info ...
Thanks and Hugs, Nancy

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I take it in the morning and then every morning for about 5 days total. I am sure everyone does it differently.

Good luck hope it goes well for you.

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Nancy, I never heard of taking Claritin and never had any side effects from the Neulasta. I will tell you my story with the Neulasta when I was on A/C. My WBC went really high. 30,6, 23.0,45.5. So, my onco said too high can also be a problem and had me skip the next one. Next WBC=1.3 and neutrophils 12, so I had to skip starting Taxol for a week. It then came up to 7.3 and neutrophils 52. Go figure--

Good luck with your treatment!

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Hi Nancy,

I hope you're feeling well. I took the claratin starting one day before my Neupogin (a cousin to Neulasta) shots. I continued for the seven days of Neupogin, and then 3 more days after that.

At my last chemo treatment, I overheard a nurse explaining the claratin to another patient. The nurse said that the antihistamine in the claratin reduces inflammation, and that's how it helps with the bone pain too.

Best wishes with your treatments.



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I find that it helps me to start claritin a couple of days before getting the shot and for 1 week after the shot. It helps that way because you're building it up in your system prior to injection.

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I took Claritin one day before and two days after. Good luck.


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