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adding testosterone after radical PC removal

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I had a DaVinci Prostate removal 1 year ago, PSA was 4.2, gleason 3+3, no marginal involvement post surgery. Since my surgery and for a time before, I had very low energy. By Primary suggested thyroid med, B12 which I inject twice monthly. No improvement. Again I was tested and Low T showed up, again.

My Uro is opposed to T shots. However, I am 73 years old and the t shots are a quality of life matter. I am seeking inputs from those who have had T shots. Did it work? was there undesirable after effects. Is it worth the risk which in my case I hope is minimal

I have read differing opinions on t shots for PC survivors. It seem that on the east cost it is a accepted treatment based upon a low .01 PSA.

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Welcome to the board.

I have no experience on TRT but I am a believer that increasing testosterone to normal levels do no harm to guys after surgery. You did not share about your post-op results or symptoms. Maybe with more info on your diagnosis you can understand the facts.

You should note that only guys on hormonal treatment in fact got low trestosterone. The majority of survivors live with normal levels of T and such is not affecting their stats.

Nevertheless, you should inquire getting a second opinion from physicians.

Wishing you a complete recovery from surgery.


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I had my RP in November 11. PSA 5.4 4+3 all margins clean. My second PSA was less than .01 I have been feeeling a little sluggish and very forgetful. I had my testosterone level tested with this psa test and it was low. My doctor said he does not feel boosting it would be good. He also indicated your estrogen levels can rise as a result and create a variety of symptoms. He recomended excercising as often as possible along with a lot more fruits and vegtables. This often results in increasing energy levels. Hope this helps.

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This is a question that has come up in this forum several times over the past few years. Frankly, I do not recall a single urologist that has ever recommended or sanctioned testosterone shots for someone recovering from prostate cancer, even for men who have had hormone therapy and have their testosterone levels reduced to zero. If someone knows of another view from a urologist I would very much like to hear it.

Decreasing testosterone levels occurs naturally with age. Not saying I like that at all but there's a lot to do with aging I don't like.

I think the best advice here is to listen to your urologist over the GP in this case.


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Dr. Snuffu Myers videos a different discussion topic each week, which one can subscribe to

Several weeks ago the topic was "active surveillance and testosterone" which discusses this question.

Site: http://askdrmyers.wordpress.com/?mkt_tok=3RkMMJWWfF9wsRonua%2FNZKXonjHpfsX67eQpWLHr08Yy0EZ5VunJEUWy2YMJSdQ

simply scroll down to see this video.

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