to much weight lost

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cancer sclc limited found dec2011 45 rads to chest ,3rounds chemo,pci10 rounds lost 52 lbs doing treatment and has only gained 4 lbs back.he's treatments has been over since sept 2011 and has had 3 good pt scans since why can't he gain weight,he still gets weak.


  • dennycee
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    There are meds specifically
    There are meds specifically designed to help increase appetite. Call his oncologist or his primary care physician and put pressure on them to prescribe one of them. Also, it sounds as though he may be depressed, does he take an anti-depressant or anti-anxiety med? If not get him on one.

    Taste buds went through changes with treatment but, that should be passed by now (I think). Bless you for taking on this difficult challenge.