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Tamoxifen & Thickening of the Uterine Lining

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Bella Luna
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Has anyone had to have their uterus scrapped due to thickening of the lining? It appears that Tamoxifen is messing with my uterus. I spoke with my gynecologist today and she is going to schedule for the procedure.

Has anyone had this done? If so, what can I expect and how can I prepare? She already told me it's an outpatient surgery and I will have a general anesthesia.

Any info would be appreciated. Gesh... this month marks the 2nd year I have been on Tamoxifen. Hate to think about what the next years have in store for me.

Hugs and prayers to all.

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I haven't but I did have an ultrasound about 2 months ago to check and I was ok for now. I know that you will have someone give you the right answer, but I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking and praying for you.

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Hi Bella Luna,

I had a D&C for a thicken endometrium. I had been off Tamoxifen as it failed and on Arimidex when I had my first episode of bleeding. I had many, many endometrium biopsy that were all negative. A real long story. I ended up with Endometrium hyperplasia with polyps.

A D&C was a very easy procedure, I went in (outpatient), they did their thing (went under, scrape uterus), I woke up and left. Went back to work the following day. No real pain that I remember.

I know there are other women who had this problem and also had this procedure. My mind is tired, a bad ct scan and a visit to the oncologist will do that I guess.

You might consider taking an aromatase inhibitor (arimidex, femara, aromasin) instead of going back on Tamoxifen. It does depend if you are pre or post menopausal.

Hope this helps. Good luck to you,


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Bella Luna
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Appreciate the feedback. Doris... I am premenopausal, 47 years old. I haven't seen my oncologist in several months, but he did say I would continue with Tamoxifen. I plan to share my latest hiccup with my oncologist when I get more information.

Take care, God bless.

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Hi! I read your post and wanted to share that well within 2-3 years of taking Tamoxifen, I started bleeding (after not having a period for a long time). Went to the doctor and they went in and looked at the uterine lining which had thickened. They did a D&C and found that some of the cells were pre-cancerous (Dysplasia). In other words, if left alone would have eventually turned into cancer. I was told there was like a 3% chance Tamoxifen affects the uterus so I might have been in that 3%...who knows? Either way, I had a complete hysterectomy. I didn't want to have to be worrying about it.

I'm sure they'll biopsy the lining and hopefully, you'll be fine. The procedure itself wasn't bad, just a little soreness.

Praying all goes well.


New Flower
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I am sorry that situation has changed since our last conversation on Thursday. I was going to call you, however thought you are still busy. I have been having thickening on and off for several months. I have had biopsy twice in 2009 and last November in 2011. My gynecologist has not recommended D&C for me at this point. I go in for vaginal ultrasound every 4 months and he keeps close eye on my uterus measuring lining every time.
Sending positive thoughts

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I never had this procedure done, but it’s one I always feared (no children). I hear it’s not a bad procedure though. Tamox is annoying, although it does a good job in most cases. I am wishing you good luck and will be praying for you.

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I have had several D & C's performed on me in the past, prior to my breast cancer
diagnosis -- so I am here to tell you ..

1) D & C's are non invasive (no internal cuts, or stitches)

2) You may be up and walking around hours after procedure/surgery

3) Pain will be moderate to minimal (depending on the individuals pain

4) You 'should' have lighter periods for several months.

I HATE that you are going thru this .. and that this medical situation
is causing you .. stress!!!

Gentle hugs and prayers -- my Sister.

Vicki Sam

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I used to every 5-6 mths...i would have internal ultrasounds 6mths followed by D & C I had been on tamoxifen about year and my oncologist insisted on test-OB said Normally I DON"T Do..but I am happy onoclogist insisted! about 2 1/2 yrs into med I started bleeding 3-4 yrs post meno (NOW age 52 and this was last May) I had total hysterectomy almost a year ago.. Denise uterus too thick to so small cut-I had like C section cut


I had regular D & C prior to surgery

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I just had a hysteroscopy and D&C done on 2/24. I am 45 and premenopausal. I have been getting the endometrial biopsy done every 6 months because of Tamoxifen (I started Aug 10). In September, doc found polyps so he scheduled the scope and d&c to clean everything out. I just got the path back, all benign. The gas afterwards was the worst part. Nothing really hurt. I had mild cramps for a little bit. I didn't even bleed heavy. The whole thing was much less than a normal period. I had it done on a Friday, and was back to work on Monday. I may have played it up a bit over the weekend so I could stay in bed...(wink, wink) but it wasn't bad at all. Definitely not the worst thing I've had done in the past two years.

Best wishes! Let us know when you need the pink bus!

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Bella Luna
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Pinks... I really appreciate your input. Hearing your thoughts on the matter makes it easier for me to go and get it taken care of. I am waiting for the referral so that I can schedule for a D & C. My gynecologist is going to do the procedure.

I know thickening of the lining is one of the risks of taking Tamoxifen. But the good of the drug out weighs the bad. I will know more as the day approaches.

I was telling my husband that, all thanks to the big "C", now every orifice of my body is being examined. Wait a minute, I spoke too soon. I forgot about the back end. I haven't had a colonoscopy. I know that isn't too far either. In time for spring cleaning!

Hugs to all.

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I did not take Tamoxifen, but I did have my uterus "scraped out" a couple of years ago related to post-menopausal bleeding. I was asleep, and honestly, when I woke up I felt no pain at all.

Later that evening, I had a little spotting and a little cramping sort of like a very light period, which was more than taken care of with extra-strength Tylenol.

You're going to do great, Ines. And we pinks are all right there with you.

Take care. Hugs, Renee

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I dont know much about this but am sure its in my future! let us know when we have to board the bus!

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Double Whammy
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The D & C is the best test to be sure that there is no cancer or precancer. It gets all of your lining - an endometrial biopsy gets only what they biopsy and misses areas. And since a known side effect of Tamoxifen is endometrial cancer, it's important to check things out.

I hope you will breathe a sigh of relief when this is behind you, that you had the gold standard test and passed it with flying colors.


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My doc put me on anastrazole and said it was the next generation after tamoxafin. You might want to ask your gyno about it. In the meantime, I pray that all goes well with the D&C.



PS I don't know what I did to make this red. (sigh)

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Bella Luna
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I met with New Flower yesterday over coffee at a coffee shop where I live. She happened to be in town for an appointment and we were able to get together for a chat. She gave me a pep talk and some guidance on how I should tackle this matter of thickening of the lining, D&C, and Tamoxifen business. I appreciate her words of wisdom and I have decided to contact my oncologist to talk about what the ramifications of this latest hiccup can mean with my treatment plan.

I am trying to put my questions down on paper and am a little apprehensive about all that will unfold as a result. I can't stick my head in the sand, I have to see with clear eyes what might lay ahead, be prepared, and be a good self advocate. As it is, I have some idea of what the situation might involve.

Wish me luck, Pinks.

Thanks once again for your input.

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I have been on Tomoxifen after 3 lumpectomies for 8 years.  They watched my uterine lining, first a 4, then a 7 then I had bleeding and cramps and I was an 11.  Last Thursday I had a D&C and biopsy, waiting for the results.  My gyno said in all his years, while he has seen women with thickening, he has only seen one cancer.  I am sure hoping this is not cancer or pre-cancer, but if I have to I am ready to have a hysterectomy.  I always knew this day could come.  I am more scared that this could be considered matastized, that would really suck.  So I will wait and see, probably know by tomorrow. 


Good luck pinks, we all have to stay together.

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