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Pregnant Childhood ALL Survivor

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Wondering if there is anyone out there who has been fortunate enough to survive and thrive after having ALL. I have been extremely fortunate in my life and am even married and expecting our first child aka ( alien nugget) in September. As lucky as I have been I still wonder what will be around the corner. I asked my OBGYN what the risk is that I might pass on the ALL since it is a blood disease? She said that the risks are low, but I am pretty sure that there are very little studies on this because I am part of the first group of survivors from the early 80's.
At age 3 1/2 I was diagnosed with ALL and I was pretty sick and hospitalized immediately after the doctor looked at me. I was fortunate in the protocol of drugs they put me on and that the cranial radiation did not have any severe effects. Only one is that I am about 6in shorter then everyone else in my family. Nothing that kept me from living my life. I am now 31 yrs old.
I feel guilty sometimes when I read the side effects others have had and I am grateful for everything I have been given.

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It is exciting to hear that someone got pregnant after going through all the treatment you did. I was diagnosed at the age of 4. I just got merried and my husband and I are wanting to start a family. I hope all goes well with you. I am now 26, probably went through some of the same treatments you did and I am scared to have a child. will I pass it on, will I be able to carry it full term, how much more pain will I get? I hope to get pregnant in the near future to find out.

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That's so great to hear that you got pregnant after going through all of your treatments. My sister was diagnosed with ALL and wants to have kids too...she just got married. Best wishes to you and your family!

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Hi Ally: My daughter was dx with ALL in November 2011. This is certainly a tough journey. Last week after her third intensive chemo she came down with an infection and I almost lost her. Fortunately and Thank God she managed to pull through. She suffered a bleed in the brain and behind her left eye which is causing a blur vision in the left eye. Please write and let me know what your sister's experience was and let me know what her treatments are and where she was treated. I hope to hear from you soon. My prayers goes out to everyone on this board. June

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Hi, congratulations on the pregnancy! I was diagnosed with ALL a week before my first birthday .. I don't know much about my treatment, nor do I remember much. I wish I could remember a lot more than I do. I've been thinking about going through hypnosis regression to remember, but I'm kind of scared about how I'll be able to handle what I learn to remember. I didn't have radiation but I did have chemo and steroids and stuff. I'm almost 22 now, been in remission for almost 19 years. I'm really glad I found your post, the chance of maybe not being able to have kids has always been one of my biggest fears, especially now that me and my boyfriend are at the point where we are thinking about kids. It's kind of a relief to see another ALL childhood survivor being able to have a child since my doctors have always told me to have kids young because they are uncertain of how long I'll be fertile for, or if I'll ever even be able to have kids. My stress level just dropped, thank you. As far as side effects have gone, I have osteoporosis in my outer thigh on my left leg.. going to get a bone density test next month to see if it has progressed. There are other possible side effects such as problems with math and memorization, and always feeling colder than others. They are possible side effects, but then again, who actually knows if I would have had those problems anyways.

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