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Again issues with OXY.

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Did you ever got severe bloated stomach while in OXALY? it's quite painful and always coincides with diarrhea episodes and lack of appetite.
Your experiences will be wellcome.

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It's been sooooo long since I was on Oxy that I can't really recall. I remember it wasn't fun. Is the bloating due to gas??? I do remember all of the other side effects but just as a general thing. It was many years ago at this point.
I hope you get some relief...

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Posts: 6352
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feel disgusting , Thank you for your support Phil.

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Sorry you're not feeling great. It's not a lot of fun but it's an unfortunate side effect.

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Pepe, I have no clue, I never was given this drug.... I'm just wishing you are feeling better soon.

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Yes, I remember this all too well. I am almost five years out of treatment. But I can remember the bloating and diarrhea. My oncologist recommended (finally) musilex (sp) it worked for me, to some extent to control the constipation and diarrhea.

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the lack of appetite is likely a protective signal saying your gut needs to be repaired.
i'd see a naturopath who specialises in cancer, they'll put you on heaps.

basically you got to rebuild your entire gastro intestinal track each fortnight, now given we turn over our gut cells every 6 days its difficult but not impossible.

what i tried a year ago work well, with what i know now i would say the basic naturopath cancer gut rebuild is pretty primitive and misses many of the real issues we face on oxy, alsas its not for me to recommend products. i have been to 7 naturopaths now and i think the first got me started on real health, despite these troublesome cells.

their is an amazing article i found which i posted on my blog about probiotics and dysbosis.

watch out for the thrush, thats what tells you your gut is in trouble, so does the bloating. even something as simple as the anticandida diet might help. but get some alternative advice if you want to go down the path, its pretty tricky territory and managing the supplements and potions is demanding and expensive.


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Pepe, you have 3 tx to go, right? Perhaps the onc can safely lower the Oxy dosage now.....

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