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I have a cold!

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All my precautions, avoiding large groups, hand washing, anti bacterial gel, scrubbing down the shopping carts and I still caught a cold.

Any advice how to best kick this?

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Sorry but can't remember are you in treatments? If so, there's a period of time after treatments to keep away from crowds...no matter how much we try to stay away from sick, sneezy people we get hit with "their" bug.

If we try to eat properly with lots of good vegies, fruits, fluids --- this helps to build up our immune systems. Lastly, get some rest.

Your body is telling you something, listen to it.

Hugs...hope you feel better very soon~

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Can you use ColdEeze/zinc? It may lessen the severity of your cold. I use it when I get the first sign of a cold and have nipped many of them in the bud.

I was told not to eat fresh fruits and veggies as there is no way to really cleanse them of germs from the pickers, handlers, etc. I ate jarred and frozen fruits and veggies. Just as good as fresh in my neck of the woods in the winter, when fresh produce comes from across the country and really isn't all that fresh.

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Interesting about the fruits and vegetables. I love zinc and coldeeze! My favorite zinc product are Zicam nose swabs. This just came over me so quickly. At first I wasn't sure if it was a cold or allergies. Our Michigan weather has been so crazy this winter that everyones' allergies are early this year.

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Jan...I am 11 days post my second round of chemo. Next chemo on the 28th. I tried to do it all right. Biggest crowd was grocery store customers and I scrub the carts down so much people start looking at me. Then I sanitize my hands.

I think I will rub myself down with Vicks and go to bed.



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Had a massive cold the week after my chemo....(see the shoot me now thread), that just kept getting worse and worse and worse. I ended up getting antibiotics from the doc which may or may not have helped. Either way, take your temperature several times a day, even a low grade fever is bad. Worse cold I ever had.

Hope you're feeling better soon.

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Add Chicken soup!!! & lots of water.

Hope you feel better. Mary Ann

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