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Step father has stage 4 liver cancer!

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Hello everyone,
So happy i found this website. My 47 year old step father had been diagonsed 2 years ago with colon/liver cancer. Although he does not speak of it much we all know it is not good. He has gone to many doctors and they all say that there is not much they can do for him due to the damage done to his liver from the extensive chemo in the past 2 years. I am looking for a doctor that will do surgery on liver in late stages of cancer. We do live in Canada but will do what ever it takes to get him better. This is the second time in my life that doctors have told my family that there is no hope. My mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer when she was 43. Later to find out that it was not the primary source of her cancer. Which the doctor should have caught on to but didn't. If the doctor would have caught it then it wouldn't have gone that far.about 2 years after, about 3 surgeries later my mother had the Sugarbaker procedure about 4 years ago. She had 3 surgery's and the last one the doctor opened her up and stiched her back up and said no cannot do surgery. if it wasn't for my step father my mom would not be around. We did extensive fund raising for her to go to Washington to have this surgery. Please i need help. Our family is cursed with the C word. I know there must be something that we can do for him!
Thank you for taking the time to read my story

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I have no information for you, but need to let you know how sorry I am for all you must have been through already with your mom and now with your step-dad. Cancer is a horrible disease and it takes a bitter toll on the cancer patient and family and anyone who cares about the person with cancer. It is a cross to bear that sometimes gets overwhelming. You seem to have a lot of spunk and will do just fine in getting the help your step-dad needs. Bless you on this journey.

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My Dad was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer 3 years ago. Mets to the liver, many spots on the liver. He has received laser ablation to the liver at Mayo in Rochester, Dr. Woodrum. He has had great success. His last scan only showed one spot on the liver and the are doing laser ablation again for that spot. They are thinking/hoping he will be cured.

Steven G
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My mom was just diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer. We are currently in the process of finding a cancer treatment center because the local doctors have basically already given up on her before even starting. She is also thinking of going to Mayo in Rochester and I wanted to know how good the staff is at treating/handling this type of cancer? She is mentally prepared for the worst but hoping for something to help fight the cancer cells.

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