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rising psa again and again cant catch a break

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hello again. here is my question. had surgery then radation. since then it seems my psa has gone up 1 point evey 6 weeks. now it is at 0.5. first time around psa was 1.9 , 20 biopsies most were 9s. was on the outside of prostate.how long should i wait to start harmone therapy.i see i should have mentioned that i had surgery in 2010 within a year psa started to rise had radiation that ended last november. now it is march 2012 and psa is at .5 and rising.

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I had surgery in 1991, radiation in 2005, and went on hormone therapy in 2008. my PSA readings were 4.0 before surgery, 0 after surgery, 1.16 before radiation, 1.2 after radiation, 20.4 before hormone therapy, and <0.1 since hormone therapy (three and 1/2 years ago). My Gleeson score is 3+4 = 7. My urologist wanted to start hormone therapy at PSA of 10, but I talked him into waiting until it reached 20.0. I am now 85 and feeling great for an old guy!

This worked well for me. Obviously, one-size(may not) fit-all in this crazy pc world.

Best of luck to you.

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PSADT (doubling time) may be taken as the trigger for starting HT. In some studies it indicates that after SRT any increase with PSADT <9 months is indicative of progressive aggressiveness. Surely other factors should be taken into consideration particularly in regards to initial diagnosis.

Your doctor got a threshold and that will answer your quest.

Another bump in your journey, but you will control the bandit.


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