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Ng suction

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My mom was diagnosed nearly 3 years ago with stage 4 ppc. She has been on chemo ever since.

Lately she has been having trouble with severe bloating and intestinal problems. Yesterday she was admitted to the hospital b/c she was vomiting every hour and was having severe pain as well. No blockage has shown up on the xrays and they haven't been able to do a ct scan yet because she can't drink the nasty contrast. Now she has a ng tube and they will try to suction the fluid and gas that has built up. They suspect either a bend in the intestine or a tumor interfering with the flow.

No prior GI involvement.

Have any of you experienced this?

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I was on the verge of a bowel obstruction the night before my debulking. While I was trying to drink that gallon of "GoLytly" it was backing up in my stomach. I was grateful to be having the surgery the next day. In my case, the solution ended up being removal of three sections of my bowel during the surgery. I also had an NG tube for a number of days after the surgery to allow my bowel to heal. I'm not sure how they would handle your mom's case, since they can't find a tumor blocking the bowel.

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I haven't experienced what your mom is going through but wanted you to know that I'm sending her good thoughts and prayers that she finds some relief soon. I can only imagine what she's gone through since her diagnosis and I'm sure that you are trying to be strong for her.

Hugs to you both,

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Thank you.

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Adhesions (scar tissue like spider webs) are notorious for causing bowel obstructions or partial obstructions. The adhesions form after de-bulking surgery.

The adhesions don't show up on x-ray. A lot of cases resolve without surgery. I hope you mom recovers soon.

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