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Cervical Cancer IIIB. :(

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Just wanted to share my story because I feel I'm suffocating from this horrible stage of my life.
I founded out a month ago my Lovely mom has cancer..her diagnoses 3b.
She doesn't realizes how serious is this because she keep telling me " I don't feel nothing".. I know her stage is already advanced but I don't want to overwhelming or scared her telling her is going to get bad.....
I keep crying in my room just my self because I want to be strong support for her...
But I can't resist anymore now I just started to cry in front of my friends and everywhere, my work performance went down. I feel so depressed that I just want to die before her.... its this normal for a daughter or family member who know her loved one has cancer or its just me that I'm falling apart.?
I never had this major depression no with any problem....its just now...
I live far from my mom...and it seems when I'm close to her I'm ok...but when im without her my life is miserable...
But I have to stay here for work also to pay some debs....but I feel I'm going down worse than her...
Can some one explain to me why I feel so depressed and down?
And hugs to you all the survivors.!!!! And families in the same situation as mine...

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I am 33 years old, and have stage 1b2 cervical cancer. Telling my friends and family I have cancer, was hard. Everyone reacted differently. Some were positive and upbeat, and some just cried and fell apart; but all were positive. The hardest person I had to tell was my son, who is 13 years old. I had his dad come over so we could tell him together (We are divorced). His Dad did all the talking as I would have fallen apart. My son asks me everyday How I am feeling, with worry on his face. I ask him how he is dealing with it, and I think my positive attitude helps reassure him I am (I hope) we talk it out though and we tell him how it's going to be for awhile... I know I don't have it as bad as your Mom, and I am so sorry she is sick, I don't know how old you are, but admitting to your child you are the one who needs their help, is difficult. When the doctor told me I had cancer all could think about was my son. That there was so much of his life I need to guide him through, and want to be there for. All I can suggest is.... Find a local support group in your area, or just talk to your Mom. Your Mom needs you, but she is also still here for you to. She is probably just as scared..... Cause that's what Moms do...I hope this helped.

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Hope everything work out for you! !!!!
Thanks for your words! It's really hard to deal with this, I cant imagine how you feel.
I stay strong but its affecting my personal life...work and life.
Hope you destroy that enemy called C. And stay clean and free for many years more.
BTW I'm 35!
Stay in touch and let me know how you are doing.
Thanks. :)

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You are welcome, and Thank you. You do the same. :)

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I am a mother that was diagnosed with stage IIIb cervical cancer on Nov 15, 2010. I don't know anything about your mother's medical information so I will tell you what the doctors have told me about mine. I have a chance to be cured. I can grow old with my hubsand and watch my kids have kids.
I had my surgery and did my treatments, not all of the chemo because I got so sick. It was not easy. It was one of the hardest things I ever did. But knowing that I had my families support and love helped so much. And the thought of watching all my kids grow up and have kids keeps me fighting today.
Also my daughter and I would not cry around each other because we did not want to upset the other one. It was not a healthy thing to do. I know this now. We had one good, long, cry about it and now are able to deal with it together so much better.
I hope this has helped you in so way.
Be there any way you can for your mother, make sure she does what the doctors tell her and most of all help her fight!!

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