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How r u

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I know its been quite awhile since I updated. Its been a roller coaster but getting better every day.
After 1 1/2 wks in hospital was limited to activities at home for 6 wks. Hubbs had to take me where ever needed. After my doctor appt. 2 wks ago I'm now on monthly appt. for followup. Then in Aug. I'll have a Catscan (thanks to removal of rectum no more colonoscopy!!ha) Oh & doc said they got all the cancer!! yea
But even though its been rough (& painful) at times, healing is going well. I'm gaining alittle weight (lost 10 more in hosp!) & getting stonger. Last Fri was the last day to pack my bottom wound...its healed so much no room for qtip/gauze. Doc said the inside will continue to heal ok. (eventually I'll even be able to actually sit straight up with little or no pain!! heehee)
As for my ostomy....the stoma is healing good. Still alot to get use to with the care, empty the pouch, etc. Some days are ok others I feel frustrated, disgusted...weepy. But I did find a support group that meets monthly so will go this month. On the good side....no more running to a bathrm after eating, no more bottom pains (except for the healing ones I'm getting), little stomach/gas pains. I adjust my eating, rest when needed, but am also enjoying going out & doing things without much 'worry'.
Although this surgery is the last thing I wanted to do I'm glad I did it. And going to Goshen Cancer Center I feel made a huge difference. My medical team takes excellent care of me, even adknowledges my hubbs & all he does for me. We're looking forward to a mini vacation in May just to get out of town & 'forget' this stuff a few days!

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You sound sooo positive and upbeat! Glad you are home.

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Freedom,ahhh what a beautiful word. Glad u r ok and adjusting.

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It's great to hear that things are going pretty smoothly for you! Many people have healing issues after this surgery and I'm very glad to hear that you are progressing nicely. Your attitude about having and dealing with the ostomy is so upbeat and positive. It shows your strength and determination to make the best of your situation. The support group is a great idea and I'm glad you have joined. The way to really learn how to deal with any issues that might arise is from others who have been there. Please keep us posted when you can. I hope you have a wonderful vacation in May and I wish you continued healing. You're doing great!

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