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Activities of Daily Living and Separation Anxiety Defenses

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Dear Fellow Travelers,
In the last 6 months, after the onset of my Glioblastoma, I have experienced many unusual events in life other than just medical phenomenon.
Separation Anxiety has been a pretty big annoyance.
At this point in my treatment, I am capable of conducting most of my previous Activities of Daily Living. I am aware that I do need assistance from time to time, and this will increase in the future. But for the most part, I’m doing OK.
I was not totally aware how Separation Anxiety would effect me. Yes, it was significantly bigger than I thought possible.
I feel, the best way to deal with SA is to “Plan your work, and Work your Plan”. You are still in charge.
Seeing a face is throughout the day is not always possible.
So this is a synopsis of my schedule. Yes, I now run my life like a “Train Station”. One activity to another, Breakfast to Lights out.
Do as much as you can to make the Activities of Daily Living Yours.
This is “Me”.
Around 7:30 a.m. Make Breakfast. Turn on TV (Very Important) Clean up dishes. Feed animals.
Find a TV show that is tolerable.
Take Meds. Some times take a 1 hour “Snooze Cruz”
Electronics are great.
Do you have a computer ? (Yes, I know that you do) If so, and only basic skills, find a friend to help you understand Facebook and YouTube (soothing music). Go on Facebook and see if you can find as many HIGH SCHOOL pals as possible. Trust me, you’ll be surprised, they will be as well.
A TV? Write a list of morning / afternoon / evening shows. Try to vary them. Get hooked on a soap. No kidding, this therapy will draw the Separation Anxiety right of you.
Try to do things you CAN accomplish. Those that you CANNOT, try to ask for help, or can delegate. Recently, I needed a switch replaced in a light. I felt helpless as my hands quiver. BUT, in the end, I made a new friend and collected the name and phone number from him for house electrical work.
After dinner Meds. Clean up. Facebook for about an hour plus, maybe.. Check Cancer Blogs which never seem to post any messages. But that’s OK. Off to TV land again,
Please add to this thread about Separation Anxiety. We have MUCH more to fight than the disease.
Staying focused and the bounds of Activities of Daily Living will keep us motivated to enjoy time spent.
Take Care,
Peter E. Brown .. Billyfish

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