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stage 4 lung cancer, started chemo

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I had originally posted in the head and neck section.I had pet scan done, is in my lung also,just a small nodule,but unoperable, as it is a mass in my neck,and has spread to a lymph node,so classified as stage 4.
Started chemo 2 days ago, just a little tired, havent gotten sick yet,hoping not to .
Just wondering what i need to eat and drink to keep my self built up.I plan on staying strong,and getting this in remission. All the docs say is healthy food,but i know there is protein drinks and things for when you dont feel like really eating.

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Good luck and keep us posted. Just know that we are here for you and praying.

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Welcome to the site and sorry for the reason that draws you here. There are some great people here who will give you lots of good advice based on their own research and experience. I swear some of them know more than the doctors! Make sure you take your steroids in a timely manner, many find this stimulates their appetites and keeps nausea at bay.

You don't mention what type of chemo you are taking. If it is one of the platinum ones (cisplatin or carboplatin) expect a metallic taste. Partway into chemo your taste buds will change as well-a month or so after chemo it will return to normal. Use plasticware for eating. lemon drops helped me get rid of the metallic taste between meals. Eat lots of small meals. Try to eat nutritious but calorie loading is more important. I did ice cream therapy nearly every day.

I had radiation at the same time so I was very tired. I kept a water bottle on either side of my bed in case I was to wake up enough to turn over to turn over. Camelbak makes one that requires that you bite it gently to get the liquid out. That helped keep messes down. I kept a stash of snacks next to my bed so that I could have an easy treat. Applesauce, cups of peaches or mixed fruit, bananas, crackers, Boost, V8 drinks, cheese & crackers and cookies are some of the things I kept stocked.

Please keep us posted.

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I've also found that crackers, applesauce, bananas, and peaches in heavy syrup are mainstays after chemo. I Like your idea of snacks at the bedside. I'm also hanging a sign on my bathroom mirror to remind myself to eat. That was a problem even before the cancer.

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i am taking carboplatin and alimta, every 3 wks. It has been over 2 wks, and so far, so good. I never got sick or very weak, and i am up doing everything i always did, just have to be more careful of germs. I also, have had shingles for around 5 yrs.I would always break out when I got stressed, so now have broken out in them.But,I am taking my meds for them, so they are almost gone. I eat really good,dont know if something i am taking is making my appetite good or not,but I have gained 3 lbs.I just pray that the next treatments will be the same,and i can continue to be up,and doing my normal things.

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