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Surgical Menopause Still getting symptoms after a year

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Its been just a little bit over a year since I went into surgical menopause so I guess now I would be postmenopausal. I'm 27 and lately I feel as though my symptoms of depression and irritability and anxiety have intensified... I thought they were supposed to lessen after the 1 year mark. I have handled it all quite well up to now and now i am starting to feel crazy and i am afraid i am going to ruin friendships. Has this happened to anyone else?

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j, I had a hysterectomy when I was 28 and the symptoms started about 6 months later. I started HRT when I was 32 - although if you've had cancer this might not be recommended for you - and took it until I was almost 40 and weaned myself off.

Talk to your doctor. There are medications which may help. And don't give up if they don't offer help - find another source.

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I am currently in the same situation. My surgery was 8 years ago and my symptoms have been off and on throughout the years. However this year has been the absolute worst, especially the mood swings and hot flashes. There are days when I'm completely happy then in 0.2 seconds I'm pissed and at who? I don't know!!!! Then comes the sadness and tears. My emotions are all over the place. I have been taking black cohosh and it seems to help a bit. I'm currently looking into meditation methods, which I have heard helps alot. My Doctor refuses to put me on hormones because of the history of Ovarian Cancer. So I will continue to battle this, I hope you find a way to deal with this, as it can be very frustrating. Take a walk and a cool shower when you find yourself getting agitated it truly helps!!!! GOOD LUCK

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