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I had my nephrectomy one year ago today. Awesome. It brings to mind how often I have read here that new treatments are always being developed and to keep up hope. Had I not been fortunate enough to be offered my MDX trial, ( definitely a new treatment. And one I didn't know existed) I may not be here to write this. So for every member here, keep fighting. Lets all continue to do this together.

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One down and a many more to come. Anniversarys and birthdays are what each of us strives for. I envy your courage as your road has been a lot more difficult than mine.

Best wishes on your way to double digets and then some.


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Exclusive to these threads:- all the Fox News worth hearing.

iceman has it well covered, as usual, so all I'll say is that such stories are enormously encouraging for those in the position of adobe and others (know who you are) who can see the reality of progress in therapy and the justification for hope.

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One Lucky Girl
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Your news is absolutely wonderful. While I'm thrilled to hear that the MDX works so well, I can't help wondering if it's more the man taking it. Your courage, spirit and determination to live life to its fullest don't give cancer a chance! Much love and a big hug from the other side of the pond.

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That's a lot of facial hair for a 1 year old and puberty is only a few years away, fun. You continue to provide new meaning to hope, humor, and health, may that remain unchanged for another 30 or so anniversaries.

Ride life like you stole it,


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Hope you had a great celebration !! Before I came on the computer this morning, I thought about something you said to me, and I snapped out of a bit of anxiety. I woke up and my hands were irritated, a result of the Nexavar. I reached for the Udderly Smooth cream, which helps, and the statement you made to me "We can do this" came to mind. Thanks for the encouragement Fox, keep up the good work !

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That is so good to hear that there was such a huge success for you. Ride long and safe!!

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Thank you for the reminder to keep fighting and being a prime example of it. You are such a phenomenal contributor to this group.

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