extensive small cell lung cancer

mikedickerson Member Posts: 6
My aunt was diagnosed about a week ago with extensive small cell lung cancer and the P.E.T. scan said that it hasd spread to her liver and stomach. Anyway im on here cause she is not very good with computers and I would like to find somebody that is fighting the same type of cancer that she is. Somebody for her to talk to that can understand were she is coming from. Cause us as family members and loved ones we can love and give all the support in the world but nobody can truely understand what they are thinking and going threw accept someone else that is diagnosed with this horrible affliction.
So please if there is anybody out there that understands and agrees with me please feel free to call me. Im hoping we can all help each other by building a support group to help fight this terrible cancer my name is mike 262-344-6906 or Amy at 262-298-5107 this is a very scary disease I think it will be alot nicer to have some other people who can truely understand what were going threw. Please only positive people thank you