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Ok back in the game

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Count back up went to radiation today gave in and got some pain meds, I gotta do this, it's hard not to get depressed. I do feel a little stronger mentally. Praying for everyone out there who is scared just like me, love ya.

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Hi Tybtym!

I'm glad to hear you are back on track with the treatments! Yay for pain meds and improved blood counts! Hang in there because you are strong enough to get through this. I'm sending you a hug and prayers!

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I am so glad your counts came back up and that you got pain meds. Youre right it is not hard to get depressed with everything going on with us. I hope the meds help you to feel better. Youre right we gotta do this and we will do this, Tybtym hang in there.

I recently started having bladder spasms that seem to get more intense as evening approaches. Oncologist gave me a script for valium yesterday and it did help a bit last night. I have read that youre supposed to have a full bladder during radiation so trying to drink more before I go.

You're in my prayers.


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So glad u r back on trac, Tylenol with codeine worked for me, I drank a lot of water and used a stool softener, when needed I used the ammodium. Anything to make the output minimal and soft. I had very little anal pain during tx. I attribute this to low soft output. I had other problems due to tx.

Good luck and keep your good attitude. Remember weeks for years! We r all behind u 100%.

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