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What do you think about the new Pap smear recommendations?

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Double Whammy
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I haven't decided what I think yet, but given I'd always had normal smears and never had cervical cancer, dysplasia, or any problems (for 40+ years) yet it was a Pap that showed the postmenopausal endometrial cells, I wonder. I know there are others here who had endometrial cells on a Pap with no other symptoms. . .

It had been 4 years since my last normal Pap smear and I might have made it my last. My PCP said generally after age 70 Paps are no longer performed if a woman has always had normal results. Now they're saying 65. I was 62. Sure, it's unusual for suspicion of endometrial cancer to be diagnosed this way, but . . . I'm here to tell you I'm glad I had that Pap test! I probably would have put it off more if my pcp hadn't said I was overdue.

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I don't like the new guidelines! I, too, had endometrial cells on my pap smear which led to my hysterectomy, which led to the discovery that I had UPSC! My tumor was tiny....only 1/2 cm. I was 58.
I thank God for the fact I HAD a pap smear, the cells showed up, and my doctor was very diligent in pursuing a hysterectomy.

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I too had always had normal PAP tests. So when the gyn called and said I had an abnormal PAP I expected it to show dysphasia. I was no way ready to see the adenocarcinoma. That lead to the hysterectomy and the diagnosis of UPSC stage 3C. I had no symptoms before surgery, and have had no symptoms with 2 recurrences. So I too believe that PAP tests are important.

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I know statistically a pap smear isn't the best way to diagnose endometrial cancer, so I'm kind of surprised at how many of us had an abnormal PAP before diagnosis. I had atypical glandular cells on my pap taken six months before my diagnosis, but I didn't find out about it until I got my records to give to my oncologist. PAPs are important, but maybe our gynecologists also need to be more aware about the significance of these abnormal tests.


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My paps were always normal. In fact, I was diagnosed on November and my last pap smear was in July or August. The tumor was confined in the uterus, but it invaded the myometrium more than 50% into the cervix. I never though of cancer, just because my paps never showed anything.
I had to persuade my PCP to order a pelvis ultrasound.

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oops again. sorry guys

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I was not diagnosed by pap. I had a pap every year and was spotting, but everything came back normal (according to my doc) after spotting for almost one year I went back to her and told her I can't take it anymore. She is the type of Doc that you wait half an hour in the waiting room and then half an hour in the second waiting room, then she sees you for 2 seconds, I should have known. Any way she said to me "it is the fibroids" but I will do a biopsy, sure enough right there she told me that the sample looked abnormal and two days later---Results. Endo cancer stage 1a grade 3 MMMT. I was so fortunate that she did do the biopsy because it she had convinced me that it was the "fibroids" I was not going to go back until the next year. Off course I dropped her, I should have sued her. I am now 2 years and four months since surgery in remission. Thanks to our Great God and wonderful Creator Jehovah. Good health to all of you.

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