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Colonoscopy results

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Well I was very nervous, all I could think of was the last time I had a colonoscopy in 09 I got the news that they had found a tumor. Even the consultant knew I was nervous, he asked if the prep had worked and all I could hear was polyp lol. Procedure was painful even though I had sedation. Apparently nurses said I was so sweet I smiled throughout even though I was in pain. I got to see the procedure on camera, fascinating seeing my old enemy lol. Well he found nothing, I was expecting a polyp really was, but it was clean as a whistle. Not sure why it was like that but I'm not complaining.

No news on my scan results yet, can't believe I had it on the 1st and now it's the 15th. The nurse said it hadn't been reported yet???

Hugs thank you to my csn family for continued support/prayers/good wishes, be lost without you all.


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Congrats on no polyps. I'm really surprised to read so many posts about waiting for results. Always have mine same day and thought that the norm. New appreciation here. Can imagine how stressful it is.

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Congrats on a awesome clean colon. Keep it up. I am next in may.

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you and im sure your scans will be great also....Godbless...johnnybegood

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Excellent, like johnnybegood said, I am sure your scans will be good too. I don't understand the wait...I'm waiting for my scans too, apparently they're done about an hour after you have the scan....so I don't get the waiting!!!

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Excellent!! That's a great start! :-) Best wishes for clear scan results too.

Take care, Cyn

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Clean as a whistle - that what we like to hear. Congratulations. Continue whatever it is you are doing, it seems to be working now go out and have some fun, you so deserve it.

Hugs - Tina

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Congratulations,clean as a whistle is always good.You scans should be good also.I will continue the good wishes,and prayers.

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Happy for a good colonoscopy. We are here for you as you wait for the results. Prayers for good news.

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