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Social Security payments

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Hi! It's been a while for me to post anything
I hope and pray for everybodies health and
Peacefulness throughout these struggles.
I'm currently holding on in remission I still have
Side affects but tolerable. I'm so sorry to hear
We lost Lisa she was a great inspiration I'm very
Happy she is at rest in heaven with our heavenly
Father. We will meet again. May she RIP. I have
A question does anybody know how we pay
Back possible disability overpayments I think
I was overpaid a check or two after I went
Back to work any feedback would be helpful

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Your local Social Security office. You want it on record that you caught it before they did and you were pro-active in returning it!

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One of our members went back to work after being on ss disability and social security wanted all their money back. On 5/29/11 there is a discussion on Disability started by Annabelle where Beth (dorookie) responded that they wanted all their money (if memory serves more than $40K) back because she was able to return to work and did return. I don't know your or her circumstances but look up the discussion then send her a pm as to what happened and hopefully she will log on and give you an answer or some help.

Hopefully all works out well for you. It is wonderful when our members go into remission and able to resume their life.

Best wishes - Tina

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