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A new cancer fighting aspirin

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Sounds too good to be true.

"The humble aspirin may soon have a new role. Scientists from The City College of New York have developed a new aspirin compound that has great promise to be not only an extremely potent cancer-fighter, but even safer than the classic medicine cabinet staple.

The new designer aspirin curbed the growth of 11 different types of human cancer cells in culture without harming normal cells, reported a team from the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education of The City College of New York in a paper published this month in the journal ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters. The cancers controlled included colon, pancreatic, lung, prostate, breast, and leukemia. “The key components of this new compound are that it is very, very potent and yet it has minimal toxicity to the cells,” said Associate Professor Khosrow Kashfi, the principal investigator."


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Any chance we'll see this as an OTC substitute for "regular" aspirin?

My guess is NO WAY -- not in my or anyone else's lifetime here -- especially if it is proven to be a CURE for cancer. It'll be prescription only and will cost an arm and a leg to purchase until their patent runs out and it can be sold generically.

So, guess I'm just going to have to stick w/my 80mg baby Bayer blood thinners.

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“handsome" Dree

I read the comment "minimal toxicity to the cells" as a negative approach if those ones are cancerous. Afterall the purposes would be to have the newer aspirine very toxic to the cancer. (lol)

Just joking. Thanks for the link.


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I think not so well these days, but saying that! We have all these wonderful thing in our lives. Yes a single pill to kill cancer will happen. Maybe not to save us, but the future generation's. :-)

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