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bone cancer

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I have been diagnosed with bone cancer metasized from breast cancer. I have 12 spots and the largest being on my spine. Would love to talk to someone going through bone cancer.

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My dad was diagnosed with lung cancer Dec.22,2012.It began in Feb when he was having pains and difficulty walking until one morning when he couldn't even get out of bed. We took him to emerg where they did MRI and CT scan where they discovered the cancer spread to the bone. He has a tumor on his neck, spine and pelvic which has given him so much pain he can't get out of bed. Since then he has has radiation on all spots and is on pain killers ,were waiting to see the results of the treatment. Every Cancer patient is different it depends on how there bodies take to treatment and how fast it spreads. I pray that you quickly get the help that is needed so you can fight this painful disease. How are you feeling at the moment ?

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Thank you so much for responding. I am doing ok at this time. I have a lot of pain in my legs and lower back. This being where my two biggest spots are located. On the hip and spine. I was taking zeloda a type of chemo that was very rough. They recently took me off of that and just put me on an estrogen blocker. It has been a year and will have another pet scan next month to see if anything has spread. I had one at six months and it was the same. I am so sorry to hear about your dad.from the way it sounds I don't have it near as rough as he does. I am still able to do a lot and function pretty normally. I am lucky that the pain hasn't gotten that bad for me yet. I hope they can keep him confortable and not a lot of pain. That's pretty much what my doctor tells me that it depends on the person but most of all to the man up above. Please keep in touch and let me know how your father is doing. God bless .

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I also have bone cancer metasized from breast cancer but in my right clavicle bone. After 12 months of bone scans, biopsy,C T scans and MRI, numerous trips back and forth Got the diagnosis in December last year. I think i already knew just needed it confirming. I have just completed 3 weeks of radiotherapy and more scans and get results on 25th april. Hoping its contained in the clavicle then i am happy.I had breast cancer 12 years ago twice, so double mastectomy and ovaries taken out. Chemo radiotherapy.yearly check up.Also nov last year my sister got diagnosed with breast cancer,she had a lumpectomy and has gone through 5 sessions of Chemo (which she is suffering badly) 1 more to go then 4wks of radiotherapy.

I have always been a positive person i think thats what got me through 12 years ago and the fact I have 3 wonderful adult kids and also the most amazing friends.

I am here to listen to you and talk

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I am going to take you up on your offer to listen. 4 years ago I had breast cancer. I had so much pain that came on so fast. Bone scans,Pet Scans, biopsy,C T scans and MRI, numerous other tests. It has now metastasized and now I have bone cancer in my hips, spine, upper left arm and left shoulder. I just finished radiation of all 4 sights and started taking hormone blockers. I am so tired, I fall asleep sitting in a chair.
The pet scan said it was not in my tissues. The biopsy took 7 stains and said that 6 had breast cancer markers, but the 7 was endimetrial cancer. The doctors say wow what a mystery since I don't have endimetrial, uterine, or ovarian cancer. The tissues are clear, there is no bleeding or pain in that area. Only my bones aches. Have you ever heard of this?

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Good Evening:

Not really sure where to start but in 2010, I was diagnosed with Stage IV, Breast Cancer (L/Side), started chemotherapy November 2010 and finished May 2011, surgery to remove cancer/breast tissue and insert an expander in the left side on June 2011.  From September 2011 to October 2011 I received radiation.  January 2012, my oncologist ordered CT scan and MRI the results were discussed and no worries because the results only revealed tiny spots on the pelvic bone and one tiny spot on the brain tissue.  results of the brain was discussed with the radiaologist and there was nothing to compare to but wanted to have another MRI done in 4 months.  Oncologist was egar to start me on medication Aredia to build the bone in the areas on the CT Scan that were tiny.  From January 2012 to November 2012 I received the mediation but discussed with the Oncologist that I felt the mediation was doing more harm to my bones, my concerns were dismissed.  November 2012, My CT Scan and MRI results showed bon lesion on my brain bone (superficial) and one lesion on my spine.  At that time I told the Oncologist that I will no longer take the Aredia or Lupron injections because to continue would only create a new medical for me.  The response from the Oncologist was "the cancer has spread."  "you need to try another medication.  I viewed the scans and MRIs side by side and before the Aredia I had no problems with my bones all of my results were perfect.  I only agreed to undergo radiation again because the lesion on my brain bone had increased from April to November 2012.  The raditation therapy is for 10 days and I have 3 more days left.  I am so disappointed for not standing up to what I felt in my heart was right, not take the medication.  Now, I have a new problem with swelling to feet, legs and stomach, water retention will talk to a medical doctor but wonder if it could be the drugs leaving my body.

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