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Vitamins supplements

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Guys anything concrete on this ? Should we take a multivitamin ? I am hearing mixed things but a dietician tells me to take 1 with most vitamins 100% and no more. What about protein supplements ?

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I take a multivitamin and a multimineral daily, careful though, too much of that stuff and you'll start turning blue...oh wait...I see its started already.

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There are many threads on this already and it seems a shame to keep re-inventing the wheel. Maybe a better structure is called for in organising these threads? It's best if we can keep those threads that have a clear theme going, rather than constantly starting new ones.

I've got so many books and articles on this topic I'd blow fuses trying to reply so I'll just say Raj, if there's one area you might ask a dietitian/doctor advice on it's whether you should be taking vitamin B12 because you could be deficient on it on a vegetarian diet. The anti-oxidants are generally useful - vitamins A C and E. Vitamin D becomes more important as we age, especially if we are getting less exposure to sunlight (e.g. if house-bound or institutionalised). With the right foods, you should get a good supply of micronutrients. For instance, from memory, avocados are (just about unique in being) rich in all of A, B, C, D and E.

If you're really concerned about the matter, you could keep a food diary for a while, recording all you eat and drink, and then have a dietician cast an eye over it to see if you are conspicuously missing out on some thing you need. It needs to be on a personal basis because our requirements differ according to age, gender, race, health, life-style and other factors such as occupational exposure hazards, environmental conditions, climate .....

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