My dad and radiation pneumonitis

kado4 Member Posts: 80
Hi all.My dad started carboplatin and gemcitibine for his stage iv nsclc.He only finished one cycle.Very hard on his blood counts.Ended up in the hospital a week ago with inflammation in his right lung d/t the radiation he had to his mediastinum and his right lower lung. he is on oxygen now. came home on saturday. he was in a week, the first time ever a patient.he wasn't a happy camper.He finished his radiation 10/5/11.So he was 5 months out.So now our immediate problem is that he isn't sure if he wants to do chemo. He feels badly. He had to get 2 pints of blood while hospitalized.His lungs were weak.He did not say he wouldnt do chemo, but he is not sure either.He did get a mediport while he was in the hospital.

His labs are looking better.Please pray for my dad. My mom and I are doing the best that we can.This chemo combo seems to be harder for him that the carbo/taxol during radiation.

Take care,Kado.