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Anal pain

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My place hurts so bad that I don't want to eat because I know it will have to come out, using sitz bath but they burn I asked for pain meds but they said let's try and do this now with baths and some cream called hdrocortisone acetate that my husband bless his heart has to inject up inside of me. It really hurts I do see it helps a little. I have such a low tolerance for pain, how do you get through this? They did give me a med called adavant I believe that's it help me rest, calm down, I guess they don't understand how much pain I am in. Thanks for listening you guys are going to get sick of my complaining.

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I have just started with lots of burning in anal area. My rad onc told me that if its was mainly outside I could mix cortisone 10 otc with preparation H, That does seem to help. My Rad onc gave me a script for percocets when I first started tx, have used sparingly cause narcotics can lead to constipation which is definitely not a good thing. I am going to start citrucel to help bulk up stools to help with diarrhea, cause that makes the burning alot worse. Get the area as much air as as possible. My rad onc said to wear only loose fitting boxers or just a robe when at home. Had you been using any other cream like aquaphor? My radiation is at 830 am so as soon as I get home was using that over the area and it seemed to help. I have read on the boards about using cold clothes to area as people found it soothing. I know it all seems so overwhelming but as 1 person said here focus on "its weeks for years". We will get through this and we will heal, we just have to take it 1 day at a time. I for one am not going to get sick of hearing from you, thats what this place is for. I hope others can give you more suggestions. Keep drinking Tybtvm and rest. I have faith we will get through this, one day at a time, to have a cancer free life in the long run. Youre in my prayers!


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Do you use the aquaphor on your anal area? That is the only place I am having trouble no where else. I am going to try applesauce today It will be a change from grits and potatoes. Hopefully it will be soothing I have been drinking ensure for my protien, just don't like the water . have a good day I'll pray for both of us today' love ya.

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Praying for y'all!!! Hope you feel better very soon!

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I found Aquaphor was the only ointment that worked for me. I applied it on my anal opening and the area surrounding the anal opening. It is greasy but keeps the tissue from getting wet and chapped. Aquaphor was my best friend during treatments. I tried many ointments both OTC and prescription before Aquaphor. Each person is different but this really did the job for me.

Dog Girl
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I don't remember how far along you are in your treatment, but around my 20th rad treatment (of a total of 28) I had to say "No mas" and go on oral morphine. My rad dr said it was like having second degree burns inside and outside. And I certainly relate to the less in equates to less out theory. I was down to drinking one milkshake a day at the end. I ended up losing 43 pounds and I had more to lose too, but unfortunately/fortunately they have all come back with a few more for good measure! :) I would stuff my mouth with a washcloth when I had a bm (and they were already soft and small) as I couldn't keep from screaming. I was scaring the dog and cat and I had family staying with me for about three weeks and that was tearing them up as well.

At first they gave me Vicodan, but that was like eating a tic tac to me and I've been told by other drs and PTs that I have a high pain tolerance. They then gave me slow release oral morphine 2X day, but during the very worst of it they had to add immediate release morphine (in addition to the slow release) which I took every 4 hours around the clock. (The pain would wake me up as it was wearing off.) I was basically drugged up for about 9 days, but that is the only way I could get through it. After 9 days I tried to go off the morphine cold turkey, but I didn't sleep more than 3 hours a night for a week as I would toss and turn and twitch all night. My onc. dr. said my body had gotten use to the morphine and needed it, so I guess I was technically hooked on it although I never got a high off of it. My dr. said it was more important for me to sleep and heal, so I stayed on the slow release at night only and then weaned off of it with Ambian and then nothing except our friend, fatique, when I returned to work.

Doctors are not going to throw the strongest pain relief at you at first and I understand that. However you have to let them know what is and is not working for you to manage your pain. If you don't see an acceptable improvement after a couple of days, contact your dr. and don't do like I did and wait for my weekly appointment. I suffered needlessly. You know the saying, "Pull up your big girl panties and deal with it." Well sometimes you just need to take off your Big Girl panties and ask for help.

Good luck and I'll be thinking and praying for you. It's hard, but relatively short, so before you know it you will be looking at this in your rear view mirror.

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Thanks for advice made a lot of sense, I have been trying to wait for appointments, from now on I will tell my doctors straight up.

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I agree with Dog Girl, you need to impress upon your doctors that the pain is unbearable and what they are giving you is not working. There are always other meds that can be given, but I think doctors are reluctant to give them sometimes, which requires the patient to become insistent. There is no need for you to suffer needlessly. I hope they will give you something stronger.

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I know that pain; I agree with the others ~ let your doctor know how much pain you're in; I was prescribed oxy & hydrocodone, among other things. For me, the hydrocodone worked wonders with the pain. Baby wipes were great too ~ plain, no additives, no perfume or alcohol type; I kept them handy, & laid them on my burns for quick relief. I did use the aquaphor too. Pain is worse when area is not completely clean ~ easy to miss if you're in pain & think you DID clean well. My hubby would double check, too. (Bless the caretakers!) Right now I'm sure it seems you might never get past this, but believe me, you will! Big hugs & prayers!

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I agree with all the comments regarding pain. Insist on some help with relief, I think suffering only prolongs and delays healing. Anything you can do to empower your recovery and comfort will help you overall. One thing I didn't hear suggested was prescription strength lidocaine. If you know you have a BM coming you apply to help numb the area. Remember to bloat and not wipe as this irritates the skin. I used to sit on ice packs! Find what ever it is that provides you comfort and go with it, as bizarre as it may seem. Just think, another few days have already gone by!

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They need to hear it straight up. If it is hurting you that badly, A&D Ointment or Aquaphor isn't going to bring the relief you need at this point. I'm so sorry that you're in so much pain. Try to take one minute, one day at time. You WILL get through this soon.

Keep us posted!

Blessings your way,


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One thing I have found helpful in making it hurt less "down there" is to wear Depends undergarments (actually a store brand generic equivalent). The padding in them makes it a lot more comfortable when sitting.

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Desitin and ice in a little baggie have helped me through the worst of times. The prescription pain meds are a mixed blessing because of the constipation side effect. If I absolutely must take the meds, I take two stool softeners with them, and the next day some Miralax.

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I am now 8 years cancer free after a squamous cell CA of the anal margin diagnosis. It started as a painful spasm that would bring me to my knees crying. My Onc. told me pain was unusual. I I had the whole shebang: surgery, chemo first 5 days of radiation (6 weeks total rad. therapy) and last 5 days of radiation. After initial surgery, I thought I'd die moving my bowels, but I knew it had to be done. Eventually that improved. Then with chemo/radiation, my nether regions were one big open sore. I soaked in the tub several times a day and used both a hydro-cortisone prescription creme as well as Silver Sulfadene 1% creme. At about week 4 of radiation, I had to take a week long break from radiation. I was an oozing, miserable mess. The doctor prescribed morphine pills for the pain, and the week off helped a bit. I remember crying when the nurse came to remove the chemo pump after my final radiation treatment. I was so relieved that it was over!

I only required one Neupogen shot during this time. It took about a year for my blood work to get back to normal. I still run low on my Lymphocyte count, so I have to be really careful with viruses and infections. The incredible fatigue and hip and back pain and weakness lasted about a year, but began to improve before then as I did more exercise (walking and stretching). Prior to the CA treatment, I had developed some arthritis and had a fibromyalgia diagnosis, but it had been manageable. Afterwards, the fibromyalgia and arthritis seemed to accelerate it's march on my body. I understand this is not uncommon, particularly if you've already had problems pre-cancer.

I went back to school to get my BA, which took Herculean effort, but I did it with high honors. I worked as an intern for the government for a couple of months about two years ago, but haven't worked since. It is exhausting, but I need to find at least part time work again. It's not good to have so much time on my hands.

Also, I didn't lose much weight during the treatment. Maybe 20 lbs total. I didn't eat much, but I didn't move much either for several months. It took a month or more after treatment for me to feel the really bone tired fatigue. Eventually, I just had to make myself move and get out in the world, and once I did, things improved.

So...it is an incredibly tough journey, but you will reach the end of treatment and eventually begin to feel better. Just remember to start moving and stretching after a couple of months (or even earlier), whether you fell like it or not! Keep your follow-up appts. and take care of yourself. You will find a new appreciation for every day you wake up above ground!


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Thanks for sharing your story. I'm sorry that you have a reason to be here just like the rest of us. It sounds like you had some real struggles along the way, but I hope you are doing okay presently. I think it's obvious from reading others' stories that the doctors do not prepare us for the long term effects of this treatment. Congratulations on being cancer free for 8 years--that's awesome and quite encouraging to the rest of us. I hope you continue to enjoy a cancer-free life!

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