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Diagnosed today

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Just diagnosed today with a 4cm node in right upper lobe. 57 years old smoked probably 35 years been quit since 07 and now this. Diagnosed during a chest xray for pre op surgery on my knee and they find ths mass. Totally lost which way to turn next and need help from you all who have been where I am now. This will not destroy me I WILL BEAT THIS!

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Hi Jimmie, Yeah, we've all been where you are right now. Your story sounds like mine. Upper right lobe, mine over 5 cm. Do some homework and find a treatment center that specializes in treating cancer. Could be a university hospital or a place like CTCA who only treat cancer. That's what I did 3 years ago and I'm in remission now.(no surgery). I suggest not being opposed to travel if need be to get great care. Many good folks here to offer support and plenty of personal stories of hope and inspiration. You're not alone.

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Alan, did you say you went to CTCA? I am curious about them. i just got off the phone with a rep from Zion, I. I live in northern Illinois so that one one be a little far bbut do aable. Thanks for your responce to my post, your a BIG inspiration to me right now, Ilove ya man....Im about to lose it again so Ill go now but thanks again


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Welcome. Glad you are here but regret the circumstances that bring you. No one deserves or earned their cancer because they smoked anymore than someone deserves skin cancer because they sunned themselves. This link is to a helpful page here at acs website. It is questions you should ask your oncologist. Have someone with you at all times to take notes or bring a tape recorder. Always assert yourself, ask for translations from medspeak to English.


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