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Numbers low radiation no go for now

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Went to drs today had to get antibiotics,fluids and was told by my rad dr until numers come up no radiation. I guess my body told themi needed a break,this concerns me did anyone else have to take breaks like this? Randy I hope your treatments are going in schedule got you in my prayers. Any feedback on all this wii be appreciated. Thanks

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Sorry to hear you have been put on a break from treatment. However, it happens a lot, sometimes due to low numbers, as in your case, and sometimes for dehydration. Make sure to keep up with the fluids. I hope your numbers will come back up in a few days so you can get back on track. In the meantime, get some rest.

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My radiation burns were severe, I was dehydrated & my doctor put me on a 5 day break. It gave me the chance to catch my breath, & regroup. So sorry you are going through this!

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I am sorry youre having a rough time. My doc told me at the beginning that if my counts dropped too low or if I had severe reaction from radiation that they might have to break the radiation. I have appointment with the oncologist Thursday to check my counts. This is supposed to be the week the mitomycin could cause low counts.

I saw Rad Onc on Monday and I have slight skin breakdown in my left groin crease (itches like crazy), she gave me silvadene cream to use. I also have diarrhea that I am battling with immodium, so far its working. My appetite is good but then I have never had an issue with being able to eat hehe love food.

You hang in there, if youre body needs the break then its important that you take it. Keep up with fluids the best you can. Find something you like to drink, without caffeine (it can act as diuretic and add to dehydration), and keep it near you to sip on. Do you like carnation instant breakfast? That has extra protien and vitamins.

Your numbers will come back up and you will finish. Until then take it easy and be good to yourself. I know it has to be frustrating for you but dont let it get you too far down!

I am keeping you in my prayers,


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When my numbers were low, my doctor gave me a transfusion and then hospitalized me. They lifted me out of the wheel chair to get me on the table each day for radidation treatment. I thought "are they crazy?". Then for my last treatment, they cut back on the chemo to about 80%. So I guess that's where I caught the break. I agree about Instant Breakfast - that and Boost. Try to keep getting fluids and this in your system. Even Gaterade is good. I started with that first thing in the morning. Kept it by my bed. Didn't need coffee or tea, needed Gaterade. But everything is back to normal now. Just keep the faith. Life will be normal again and you will be cancer free!

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