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Cancer, Carcinomatosis of Peritoneal Cavity

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My friend got diagnose with this type of cancer, Carcinomatosis of Peritoneal she had major surgery couples of months ago, removing her whole stomach,uterus and more parts of her insides.can someone please help and explain how will she do with Chemo. Will she get better? The cancer was stage 4.
Please help?

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First of all, I'd just like to say that I'm sorry to hear about your friend's illness. You'll find folks here to be helpful and supportive. You say that she is at Stage 4. Yes, it does seem as if her condition is advanced, but there are many different types of peritoneal cancer and different grades of it too. Many people do have what doctors call debulking surgery to remove as much as possible of the disease. It's hard to say how your friend will respond to chemotherapy but I was in a pretty dark place last year and feel much better now. I'm thankful for that. Obviously, I do become tired very quickly but I think that's what the illness is like and I can't do lots of things I used to do, but I'm coping emotionally and a lot of that is down to having the support of people here. I like to find out all about my illness because it gives me some sense of control. Not that I really do have any control over it all, but for me, it seems to work. I know how difficult it must be for your friend at the moment, but she's not alone in her illness and having people who love her around her will help. Well, it did for me... so hopefully for her too. My thoughts very much go out to you and to your friend....

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my mother was just diagnosed, a week ago and had her very first chemo the day after diagnosis. she is doing ok. she throws up after eating sometimes, but seems to be ok. she doesn't talk much, just lay in bed most of the day. this is a person who was working a full time job three weeks ago, taking care of her older sister, driving her own car, etc., now she is sick. I would love to know more about this illness from people who are experiencing it or people who know others who are/have experienced it. thanks and God Bless all!

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Hi: I have stage IV gallbladder cancer that spread to the peritoneum and a bit on the liver. I had the gallbladder and its cancer removed in 2009 but they can't (or won't) do surgery to remove the peritoneum, at least here in Canada. I have had 2 rounds of chemo - first the standard for gallbladder cancer (gemcitiine + cisplatin) and then 12 treatments of folfirinox (oxaliplatin + irenotecan + 5FU pump) which seemed to work to stabilize some of the peritoneum nodules. I am back on that one now. Seems to be effective in other folks who have secondary peritoneum cancer say from colon cancer or gallbladder cancer if they can't have the stripping surgery. But it seems that your friend did have that during the big surgery? Was it followed if so by HIPEC?

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You came to the right spot. This type of cancer is not something i ever heard of. My mom has it. She had chemo, than surgery, than chemo. She went into remission in November, however, this cancer is relentless. Her numbers keep going up a little each time. Her next appt. is June and doc said she may have to start treatment again in June. No one knows how the cancer will react to chemo. My mom was terribly througgh her chemo. She had carboplatin and taxol. It worked wonderfully. I am sure they will go with that again.
It's just terrible cuz she lives well but in the back of her mind is always well when is this gonna start all over again.
Just check in here with any questions. Everyone here can help.

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