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Just diagnosed and am going through the various treatment options and have had discussions with my urologist and with a Radiology Oncologist that does the ProstRicision here in Atlanta. I would be curious if anyone has had this procedure done and what there thoughts might be. I am also somewhat curious that this process is only done in Atlanta and if it was as good as they say why has it not been more widely accepted by other prostrate cancer treatment centers..thanks

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Sorry of your condition! A Question to be answer.

Have you had a biopsies of the prostate? What was the score of each point?

Is your Gleason score above 4+5? If it is, the PC is probably outside the Prostate.

I have heard the ProstRicision has a good success rate:-)

Good luck

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thanks for the response, did have the biopsy, 2 out of 16 were positive for cancer, Gleason was 3+3, PSA 7, I too heard the success rate is good but only from the doc's doing it. I have not yet found anyone to tell me about their experiences or find any other clinics that treat Prostrate cancer doing it except the one in Atlanta. To some degree makes me a bit concerned...with the radiation dont have many options if it does not work...thanks again for the response and do hope to hear from those that may have experienced the therapy..cheers

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I had a friend that did it. He had a specialist that had done this procedure. It did not work and he had this prostate remove. Now he fighting for his life. stage M1b

hopeful and opt...
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that is what is the percent cancer in each core>

did you have a second opinion of the biopsy

what is your psa, and what are the data points( to determine rate of increase

what did the dre show

(I ask since you may be a candidate for active surveillance(a preferable treatment option)

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Seeds implant or bracky as many call it is a treatment with more than ten years of history. You can find details and success charts in the net using the term Brackytherapy. Here is a link;

ProstRcision (a trade name) is a radiotherapy method than combine seed implantation with external beam radiation. These got high success rates in terms of years of biochemical free survival.

The implant procedure is done in two hours (same one day) using an ultrasound and no incision, without the need of staying in the hospital. These seeds will then work as fiducials to guide positioning of the external beam radiation (which will take several weeks of treatment).
A friend of mine from Portugal back in 2000, travelled to US (the only place in the world where to get the seeds at the time) to have the seeds implanted and then followed with 37 sections of IMRT done in Portugal. He is OK with a continuous low PSA (probably cured). However, he complained of a series of colitis problems for a few years. At the end, he got permanent ED and stress incontinence.

ProstRcision is unique because it owns the trade of their particular radioactive iodine seeds (I-125), (probably the only supplier in US ???????), and the methodology.

The conclusion is that by choosing the procedure you are accepting a form of radiation treatment.
Probably as you know, there are other procedures which may work better in your case. I would recommend you to decide after researching and getting second opinions on your diagnosis and types of treatments.
No matter what you choose, all treatments involve risks and side effects which you should be aware of. With a Gleason 6, you probably may be a candidate for AS approach.

Wishing you find an answer and peace of mind.


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Thanks to all of you for your kind responses....I am still very concerned that I cant seem to find one guy one this site that has gone through the prostrcision program. I am sure if i asked them at the center they would allow for a comumication to take place but I am also afraid it might be a "friend of the firm". Thanks again guys and the best to all

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PostRcision is apparently a trademarked name owned by Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia (RCOG) and any patients who have received this treatment are primarily located there.

According to RCOG's website, only about 13k men have received this particular treatment over the past 30 years. That's not very many men especially considering that around 240k men are diagnosed w/PCa each year in the US.

Furthermore, only a small percentage of men diagnosed w/PCa and subsequently treated for it take the time to join CSN and even fewer post comments. So, it's not surprising that you haven't yet found anyone here who has received PostRcision as a treatent.

The treatment is apparently just brachytherapy (BT) using a proprietary form of BT seeds combined with IMRT. So, even though no one here on CSN may have received PostRcision to treat their cancer, many other men have received BT w/IMRT and you can get a good picture of the effectiveness of that treatment by reading their comments here.

There's no reason to believe that the effectiveness of PostRcision would be more or less effective than other combined treatments of BT & IMRT and the comments you receive from the men here who have received this radiation combo should give you a good indication of the likelihood of success or failure w/PostRcision.

Good luck!

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I've been a member on the forum for over two years and don't recall anyone posting specific about their experience following treatment at Prostrcision.

I did consult with them in my journey but settled on Davinci For my treatment.

I'm sure the clinic would provide you with 'references' if you ask.


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I have recently been diagnoses with intermedite PC with 5 Gleason 7's including the dreaded (4+3) two. I have been researching cures for me and PostRcision is hign on my list because of their success rate, projected at 77% in my case, and minimal side effects (almost none)
I asked and received a reference from a patient who when through the process there 5 years ago and who took 6 months to research them and everyone else. He could not say enough good things about his cure and he was very analytical and precise. Talked to me an hour. Then he referred me to someone else he met there three weeks ago that also had treatment at RCOG. He did it 4 years ago at 69, had horrific Gleason scores in the 9's, and is a doctor out of Kentucky. He was not referred to me by RCOG and he spoke to me for over an hour. The detail of the discussion was like talking to your doctor and both references said this is the only real option that is willing to give cancer free survival rates to anyone. The men I spoke to did extension research for months then decided on RGOC. The problem I am having is that anyone you talk to says there cure rate is not valid, it's inflated most say. However, when you ask the surgeons or radiation people for their date, cancer free survival rates thay don't have any to give.
It does seem odd to me that more dont use this technique if it is so succeesful and the people beating them up dont have any numbers of their own. I cant get a survial rate, or person to talk too, from an external beam radiation oncologist that treats 1000 patients a month. They cant give me one person to talk to that went through their process. So I just dont get it. But if ProstRcision works, and my two referrals insist it does with NO major side effects, then it is worth a look and I would go there today if I can get comfortable with their success rate prediction that everyone else says is not right. But they have none to offer for their procedure so what ahould I do?

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Welcome to our forum and sorry to read about your diagnoses.
I was treated for a Gleason 7 (4+3) in 2009 (Robotic surgery). As part of my research I also visited ProsRcision in Atlanta. Each patient is different and I was only given a 55% cure rate at 10 years out following their treatment. To me a 55% chance was a roll of the dice. A second reason I choose a different path was that I live near Chattanooga Tn and driving to.from Atlanta for treatments would be an added burder.

I would believe the reason that Doctors are unwilling to give out names is do to HIPAA privacy in health care. You might want to consider going to a prostate cancer support group in Atlanta. I attended one in Chattanooga area and found many men that were more than willing to share their experiences and treatment paths.


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Be careful in your treatment choices. I talked with these folks and was not personally impressed. The treatment from my perspective is an overtreatment and what kind of doctor advertises on bill boards all over the South East and on the internet about their “guaranteed” treatment…Something to think about….

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