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Colonoscopy tomorrow

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Hugs family no news on my scan results yet, hopefully today or tomorrow might hear something as my main cancer nurse has come back from holiday. Tomorrow have a colonoscopy, last one I had was when they found the tumor in 09. I know everyone is going through so much, feel like a fraud for asking but appreciate any prayers/good wishes.


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Don't ever negate or feel guilty about asking for prayers and help from people. We all walk this journey together (whatever stage we are currently in) and all of us have been at the waiting table as you looking for a NED status or even positive or better status.

Prayers coming to you from fair weather Minnesota. Positive thoughts coming your way ~ make sure you post your results.


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Have been praying for you and others.
Will continue to do so.

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you know we are always here for you.good luck on your scope and please keep us posted on those scans...Godbless...johnnybegood

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Also waiting "patiently" for your results. Keeping fingers crossed and sending warm thoughts and good vibes across the ocean to you.



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I'm with you on the waiting for scan report.....so stressed.

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Good luck on your scan results.We know the feeling,you have prayers,and good wishes.

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You are in my thoughs !

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Big hug from across the pond!

need support
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Wishing you the best possible results on your scan. I'm praying for you right now. chuck

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Praying everything is okay with your results and your colonoscopny. Jeff

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Any word yet? I've been scanning facebook to see your results!


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Never hurts to ask for prayers and wishes, it's a big thing, needing a CLEAR colonscopy!!
So prayers and best wishes sent your way!!!
Winter Marie

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You have my prayers. Wishing the best and sending positive thoughts as you wait for results. Prayers,

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