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Whine time

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Sara Zipora
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I haven't written in a while as I as going thru external radiation and chemo. Had quite a few hematological challenges. i took a leaf from Linda's notebook trying not to share to not to scare newbies.

Today had last radiation tx. On Tuesday having blood test if hemoglobin is over 8 they'll let me travel on one month trip to Australia. For two months I won't be able to have any treatments nor CT or PET to check what is going on. Trip will give us one month when I guess I'll be the healthiest I'll ever be. Mostly because I won't know if radiation killed off three tumor found two months post second surgery even under Gemzar Carbo chemo treatment.

With every sprinkle of Tumeric, ginger, pepper and olive oil I pray and wonder if this will help slow up cancer.

Good luck to all,


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You deserve time to whine, so let it out. I feel your uncertainty, but cancer does that to us...makes us live on the edge, have less control and unsure if tomorrow will be our last.

Life is like that, but with cancer it's even more "unknown". Try to enjoy your trip, keep busy and know we're all here for you...so keep on whining my dear. And..congrats on completing all your treatments.

Enjoy life, it has an expiration~~

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Please don't AVOID posting anything here in order to protect us. We are here for YOU!!! I really appreciated Linda's heroic posts.

On a brighter side - It is wonderful to have this awesome trip to prepare for and enjoy!! I'm so happy for you. Time away from worry will be very therapeutic for you.

I'm working on letting go of the worry but it sure is a challenge!!

Hugs to you, Mary Ann

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You have a great time on your trip. You very well deserve it! Nice to get away and put this rotten disease in the background for a while.

Take care,

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This is the whine place, Sara, so please let us know how you are doing whether in good times or bad. Sharing are experiences in whatever comes our way is helpful to everyone.

That said, your big trip sounds exciting. New places, new experiences - a great prescription for enjoying your days.


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This is such a great resource because we can say how having cancer is really affecting us and everybody understands. The side effects of treatments can be so debilitating, and only someone who has experienced them really gets it.

I've had external radiation, outpatient brachytherapy, inpatient implant radiation, and chemo (currently). They are each their own form of hell, but I want to survive as long as I can, so it's worth trying. I also exercise as much as I am able on any given day, eat broccoli sprouts and drink pomegranate juice (both on the advice of my oncologist).

I've looked into complementary and alternative treatments and can't find real evidence that anything works as well as medical oncology. Most therapies are not well tested and a lot of the evidence is anecdotal or magical thinking. So I put up with the torture of chemo as my best hope.

But I'm ready to whine that it often is torture, with the leg pains and weakness and the problems of the"nadir". I hope it will all be worth it.

We need to take trips we want to go on, indulge ourselves occasionally in purely self-pleasing pursuits and never forget how precious each moment of life is, but whining is allowed!

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Hi Sara,
Just read your post and see you are coming downunder. What parts of the country do you plan to visit? This is a beautiful time of year in Australia. Towards the end of summer the days are mostly sunny and blue skies. Gives you a sense of vast space and light. I hope you have a wonderful trip and start to heal from treatments. Georgia

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Have been wondering how you have been doing. Congratulations on having your last radiation tx. Here's hoping that you have a good blood count on Tuesday. A trip to Australiasoundsawesome. I sure hope you get that much needed treatment break. I know my husband and I have had some great trips in between treatments. He is already thinking about the next trip whenever I finish this round of treatments. Keep positive thoughts, but share any negative feelings you may have too. In peace and caring.

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Dear Ro,
I was only thinking about you this morning and wondering how you are going and there you are. I am hoping your treatments are going ok and you are not feeling too uncomfortable. I love the flowers in the background of your photo. They look like anthuriums. I grow some in my garden too. With caring thoughts, Georgia

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My second round of chemo was better than the first round. I used compazine instead of Zofran and did not have the nausea this time. That was nice. I have just had a very deep cough for two weeks now. I finished my antibiotic and improving slowly. I don' tknow if Otis the chemo or the cough, but I have no taste. This is the first time I have had to make myself eat.

The flowers in the background are daylilies. Those are my weakness with flowers. All of my gardens have day lilies in them. With the different varieties they bloom from June through September.

I go for my third treatment march 22,23rd. We will stay in FL a week after that and then head back to IL for the 4 th treatment. Icalled today to get the appointment today. Thanks for the caring thoughts.

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We are here for support. Don't hesitate to post. It may scare us - but most everything about this disease does! Try to think just of the day, and you are on the rebound, with a fantastic trip. Just concentrate on enjoying yourself. I sometimes put tumeric on my oatmeal along with cinammon, flax seeds, walnuts, apples and blueberries and egg whites. Not too bad. I should eat it every morning, but sometimes too tired to get it ready so I just have oat type cereal with a banana. Somewhere I heard that the potassium in bananas can help fight the taxol pains and luckily I don't think I have had any. Get well soon. My hemoglobin is only about 4.4. Karen

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