Exposure to radiation

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I was a navy diver and while doing a small job i got 89 millirems in approximately 10 minutes. My dive partner received 0. Radiation control does a sweep prior to the dive, during the dive and after the dive. Back the the federal weekly limit was 100 millirems per week. They never did any blood work or any physical. I have never gotten a clear answer as to whether it should have been done. I now have 2 spots on my left lung. Can anybody offer some advice about this for me? Thanks Hanable.


  • catcon49
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    Hi, Hanable. You didn't say if the spots where cancer or are they just watching them. If it turns out to be cancer, I would contact the VA to file for disability, and see if this is on there list of aproved illnesses from jobs. If not you can always consult an attorney. But there are alot of reasons that people have spots on the lungs. It doesn't necessarily mean it is cancer. Are you scheduled for more testing? What did the drs. say about it?