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Solid Variant of Papillary Carcinoma of the Thyroid.....anyone have this? Doctor's say it's rare?

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I was diagnosed with Solid Variant of Papillary Carcinoma. Doctors have asked if I ever have been to Chernobyl where most of these cases have been reported. Anyone else know about this variant of thyroid cancer? I am the first case at Cedar Sinai in Los Angeles they have treated. It's a bit freaky. I am 10 weeks post RAI and worried for my future.

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Every thyroid case is different, survival depends on many different factors like age, or how long you had cancer before discovery, etc. I'm not a doctor. But I am a "Thyroid Cancer Survivor" x 21 years now. My cancer was "Papillary Carcinoma."

From all that I have been told and read-- is that you can get thyroid cancer from being exposed to x-rays, especially if you had them when you were a child, it doesn't have to be because of Chernobyl.

If you have had your surgery, you are on your road to recovery...for me, only one lobe had cancer, it was removed,the other lobe remained. No chemo was needed. The doc's told me that I needed to have suppression therapy, they use Synthroid. They say-- that is because I still have one lobe left and there is a potential for cancer cells, suppressing the lobe will hopefully keep the cancer cells at bay for awhile. The other thing the docs are doing is keeping my TSH level low, <1.

Please keep your chin up, I wish you all the best with your health in the future!!!

Virginia Wright

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Thanks Virginia!

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I just saw your post, and I realize it is five years old.  I hope you are still on here.  I was recently diagnosed with solid variant thyroid carcinoma.  I have searched for others living with it,  and despite an intense search, I have not found anyone.  I am getting conflicting medical advice about what to do next.  I have read many journal articles on it too since it is rare, and there is some controversy about how aggressive it is.  I would be incredibly excited to discuss solid variant with you, and hear about your experience.  I am quite desparate to find someone else with this variant.  Fingers crossed you still check this page and respond.

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