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Survival Rates

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my mother in law was diagnosed with PPC 2 years ago, she has undergone 2 courses of chemo and now is on her third which is a smaller weekly dose.

Its hard to get any details from her so I can research on the internet as she is just so terrified she wont even ask her own doctor.

She had been told it hadn't spread but was like cobwebs that were reaching outwards, it had lightly attached to her womb so she had a full hysterectomy and the last time they said there was a small part attached to her bowel. She suffers with a lot of abdominal swelling and has been to the hospital several times with crippling pains that subsequently they found to be constipation due to a small part of bowel that had colapsed down due to the void left from losing her womb.

Even though the doctors have said her blood test numbers are good, they said there are still 3 small spots there. However because of the cramps and pains she is absolutely positive she is going ot die this year.. and I feel she is losing hope. It is making her worse I think, because if she gives up I worry she will get so low that the treatments wont help.

I really want to be able to give her some hope and so would love to hear anything that I could tell her that would give her some positivity back. It would be wonderful to hear.

Thanks in advance


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Sorry your mother in law is suffering so much. See if she might agree to get into a palliative care program (it has to be ordered by the doctor). Palliative care is for relief of pain & other symptoms.

Best wishes.

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Oops! Double post.

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I can't really understand what has caused your mum-in-law's constipation. Many women have hystectomies and the organs do move around so that there's no real gap. That's what I've been told anyway. Constipation was a problem for me because of the cancer and the adhesions I have until my doctor recommended Movicol. I don't know whether the medication is available from other manufacturers and given a different name. The medication works by drawing more fluid into the gut so that the bowels function much better. My doctor recommended this as it was gentler than the orange husk drink I had been given. I've found that it helps me a lot. It might be worth a conversation with the oncologist to see if it might be effective in her case. I know how scary bowel blockages can be.

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