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Montana Veterans with Squamous Cell Carcinoma

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Hi all.
I've written before, but now I reaching out for help. I've been asked to address a Congretional like panel that will be put together in Billings, MT, to address Veterans Issues in our State, and mainly those of the families, and of Agent Orange and Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Cancer in general.
My feeling is that Cancer is Cancer and should be approved for all of you across the board. I've been told all my life that I am very Tenatious...and this Pit Bull has just begun. A couple of you, and one in particular know my story, and my husband is an Army, Viet-Nam era Vet, who spen 13+ months in Pleiku. He now has Squamous Cell Carcinoma. He's had to have his entire left lower jaw removed. YES, he chewed. The doctors at the VA say that both Copenhagen and the Agent Orange are possible contributors to this, but no one will put either down on paper, and his VA Claim has been denied. Last year he had corrective surgery on his surgical site, and now they realize he's rejecting his bone graft due to the radiation treatments, so he's going back in for another major surgery in May.
I'd like to hear from all of you in Montana who are interested in giving me your names and facts to take with me to this panel/hearing when it happens. I am going to speak for the whole, not just my husband!!!!!
I told Les that if his cancer was in his pants, no problem, he'd be a 100 percenter...but no...he had to get it in his mouth. He's never learned to keep his mouth shut. LOLOLOLOL
No, it's not a laughing matter, but if I don't laugh I'll cry for you all, and I don't feel like crying today.
God Bless.

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I live in Whitefish and would be willing to help.
I am not sure that I have any additional information that would be useful to you.
Take Care

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my husband is a Vet, also. Tho, I'm the one with HN cancer...and so new! But if there is anything I can do, let me know!


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But i had scc i have never smoked or chewed. My doctor told me it was something i had or did in my last 10 years as to what caused my problems.

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and had rare squamous cell sinus cancer. I am at a loss as to how to fill out the forms to get help from the VA and probably will not get anything accomplished since he passed away September 18. This paperwork is a nightmare but I wanted to write to encourage you in your fight even though I am not from Montana but wish I was right now. His cancer knew how to come back after three months no show on the PET and make itself the uggliest most debilitating thing that my man ever had to fight. When he received all the radiation he could, when the chemo was not working anymore, he gave up the fight. But oh God I miss him so much it hurts. So for him, all the widows and widowers who cannot fight for themselves, please continue on with yours and don't give up. God bless.

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My brother Michael lost his battle with cancer due to agent orange in 1993, the governemnt wouldn't take the wrapp, due to huge settlements to our vets that became contimanted, my sister in law recieved 250.00 and we're sorry, a lost love one at 48....good luck, I hope you get everything you go for..He also served in Vietnam...I miss him...Dennis. PS..he died from mallenoma, and found it in his urine, 2 years later, they missed it?

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I am sorry to read about the loss of your husband last month.

You mentioned that you really don't know where to start with the proper forms to file. I would like to suggest that you locate a local Veteran's Organization such as the Vietnam Veteran's of America, VFW, American Legion, or the DAV. Each organization will have a Veteran's Service Officer ( VSO )or know of one that has been schooled on the proper forms required by the VA in order to file a claim on the behalf of the Veteran or Dependant of the Veteran. You can do a search on line for your state.

There is no cost for the service of filling out these forms by the VSO, so if anyone asks for money, walk away. All this will take time and will require " Expert Opinions" by Doctors for your husband.


You can go to this link above and click on the list on the left hand side. Select--Search Decisions--- and pick a year you want to search, type in your search words, such as Sinus Cancer,etc. To make the search quicker, scroll down to the bottom of each claim to see if it was denied or granted. Read why it was either approved or denied.

It can take a long time for the VA to get you a result, they are back logged currently.

My Best to You and Everyone Here

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I live in Indiana, but I'll help any way I can. The same thing happened to my father and we're fighting here, too, for some closure and for our vets to get what they are owed!

Contact me anytime via emilyanndunaway@gmail.com.


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Not the same thing as agent orange, but just want to let service members who may read this  know that Marines and their dependents stationed at Camp Lejeune NC from 1956-86 who have many forms of cancer linked to the toxic water they covered up for 30 years are now entitled to health care and I believe there is a class action law suit as well.

Types of cancer include espohageal scc, male breast cancer, brain tumors, luekemias, etc.  The water contained PCB's TCA's and Benzines, etc. in gross amounts.  

Not in Montana but visit frequently due to family there,

Best of luck,



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Jacki, your not alone with this I have been in  battle for 5 years with va. There has to be some cases out there where we can get some refrences on this if I can find some I will tell you and if you here please let me know! I firmly believe dioxin caused or enhanced our percentage of contacting cancer ,my surgen gave me a letter stating it was more likley than not from chemical exposure (AO) but my case is presently in remand. Sorry to here about your husband,God be with him and good luck.I had 2 episodes w/SCC both tonge and mouth. I don"t understand how you can take air into your lungs and not go through your mouth. The boa judges should take a drink of dioxin wait 30 years and see for themselves Keep on fighting your not alone!

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