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Alternative Meds

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Tonsil Dad
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This post is mainly aimed at my friend Hondo but feedback from anyone is also
appreciated. Looking back at some older posts I see you are taking alternative treatments
Or meds, which I am very much into. I'm still doing the conventional treatment as you all
Know but I also take a product called Transfer Factor Plus for my immune system. There is no
Other product out there that raises your immune system better than this. It is not an Herb,
vitamin or mineral, it is a molecule that teaches my own immune system to respond, re-act
and remember when something invades the body. I am not trying to solicit anyone here but
I think people should be aware of what is out there (yes my wife does sell the product). Also
This product is in the PDR but your Dr's will never tell you about this as there is no money
Involved in it for them. I've only been on the board since Dec and I had to get this off my
Chest, if anyone wants to know more, feel free to email me through the CSN.

God Bless
Tonsil Dad


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My husband has lung mets, he cannot have surgery or radation b/c of the location of the 3 mets. He has had a round of chemo and did 2 months of a clinical trial at MD Anderson. Took Tarceva for 2 months along w/another drug. Side effects were not worth the small decrease in the cancer so he stopped. Since Sept 2011 has has been taking 2 alternative meds, Paw Paw and Willards water. Both he found on-line and did research on them before he ordered. Since sept 2011 he has had 2 scans and both have showed no change, not growing or spreading. He feels great, looks great and is really enjoying life, we forget he has cancer. He will see his Dr and get a scan every 3 months and we hope what he is doing keeps the cancer from growing. After second scan the Dr asked him what he was taking and how much a month it cost. Dr said he was surprised that the scan was good after going 4 months with no conventional treatments. His next scan is in 3 weeks, always get nervous about it. We don't know if it was the chemo and clinical trial meds that has stopped the cancer from growing or the Paw Paw pills and the Willards Water. For now he is living a good life. It works for us now.

Betty sue

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If your wife is selling this; then I assume you have been taking this product for a while before you got cancer? If so then unfortunately it didn't help fight your cancer right. I'm a little skeptical with these alternative supplements; especially when they are as expensive as they are!! But I am interested, however the only immune booster I know of is immunoglobulin therapy!!!

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Tonsil Dad
Posts: 489
Joined: Dec 2011

I have been taking the product on and off for a few years never consistant though, I first went to
see an ENT back in Feb 2011 complaining of a feeling of something stuck in the back of the throat
Which he said was acid reflux. When I went back in Nov (to a different ENT)he said it was cancer.
From then I quadrupled the dose (you cannot overdose on the product) it was confirmed as SCC
(high) T2N0M0 in early December when I went through all my test and scans. My white and red
Blood count was perfect. I started rads only on March 1st almost 3 months later and the scans
Shown no significent change in size (it didn't grow). My Onc has no problem with me taking it as it
Does not interfere with the treatment. So if it is keeping my immune system in tip top condition
while I am having treatment I will take it. (Please feel free to research 4Life Transfer Factor Plus)
You will be pleasently suprised.

God Bless
Tonsil Dad.


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