Blindness from chemo

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I was taken off my FU=5 pump on the 12 day of Feb....On Feb 15 I lost the sight in My Left eye. I have had brain scan and all kinds of eye test. I had a temperal artery biopsy to rule out Giant Cell Arteritis and it was negative. That is the kind that can lead to blindness in the other eye. The final result of all the tests is that it is NAION.......Non-Arteritis-ischemic-Optic-Neuthrophy. My question to everyone is.......have you ever heard of blindness from chemo. If you can get neuthrophy in your legs and hands ............why not your eye. All the Dr's I have been to say that it is not from the chemo. I am due to have my stomach removed on 2-23-12. I would love to hear from anyone with there opinion.