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Please say a prayer for my father Samir!! Stage Iv adenocarcinoma lung cancer survivor!

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My dad is a survivor like many of you out their hes been fighting for 6 years. He was in hospital and 6 rehab facilities. One hospital gave him wrong blood transfusion, which put him in respiratory distress, secondly, through the blood transfusion he was given transmitted a cmv virus. Had a blood clot...then was sent home...hospital overdosed him on blood pressure medication, back to the hospital..gave him over 40 pounds of fluid to get blood pressure back up. I transferred him to another hospital bc they kept saying it was the cancer...My dad had almost 40 chemos and 65 radiation treatments...so i knew in my heart it wasn't...My dad was on bypap( forces air through the mouth) as an airway...then was put on life support for the last 7-8 months. His lung then collapsed and thats where they tested the fluid and sure enough positive for CMV virus. They said if i put chest tube in he could bleed or if i left it the inevitable could happen... i put the chest tube in and he LOST ONE DROP OF BLOOD! They tried to convince me several times to take him off but thats not what he wanted and not what we wanted. Soon afterwards he had a TRACH and feeding tube put in. My dad then transferred to a LTAC hospital where they weaned him off ventilator...and now breathing on his own, infections cleared, blood clot disappeared, lung reinflated...
My dad came home just recently and went to the hospital for pneumonia..He got treated and was sent home. My dad went back because he couldn't breathe...was transferred to the same facility that treated him two years ago. They told us they will not treat him for the pneumonia bc he is terminal. I did everything to make these doctors change their mind. But not matter what i said or did it didn't make a difference. They gave my dad morphine which he was allergic too. So he ended up on vent. Then he had an obstruction in his airway and refused to do a broncoscopy. Then my dad had alot of fluid retention called a pleural effusion so they refused to put a chest tube in. I went through hell. I told them he was stage Iv two years ago when they treated him so what is the difference now? They just said he is terminal meaning no chemotherapy or radiation. They gave me a letter stating they were going to discontinue care. I had from Feb 26 to March 6 otherwise once March 7th hit then they would pull plug. They called other facilities and stating to them that my dad is terminal and stage Iv and no medical necessity. I am 25 years old and the oldest out of the five. I did everything known to man to get their attention, I begged and pleaded that my dad deserves a chance to live. I finally found a facility to accept him.
My dad is on life support on 30% oxygen, very weak, and tired. But I made him a promise to do everything. My dad had a spinal chord injury the week of thanksgiving that our oncologist new about and ignored. And before we could start on brain radiation he got the pneumonia. And it would put him in danger.
I pray for my dad daily. To tell God that he has the final say not these doctors. My dad has had a long road and has recovered from the impossible before so I believe in my heart he will come home again. I encourage yall to pray for him and keep him lifted up. Prayer goes a long way. i love my dad and sometimes i feel so hopeless. I pray for his healing and for the cancer to wither and disappear.
thankyou laura

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and your long suffering dad too. I said a prayer for him as you asked. My sister died of lung cancer last year and my mum of suspected lung cancer this year. Read my post below by djbuk.
God bless.

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Prayers are sent out for your Father and your entire family. I am so sorry for the insensitivity of the medical "proffession" your family has had to endure. You sound like a very strong young woman....and being the oldest is not easy. Please know your not alone ever.... warmest regards Katie

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Sending you prayers
laura. Keep your faith in God cuz He is all we have - lost my dad to lung in 99 - he was 50 - stay strong and pray hard. Surrender to God and let Him take care of you.

winter woman
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Laura, i would be happy to pray for your dad..and for you to stay strong! you are not alone laura...

winter woman
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Laura, i would be happy to pray for your dad..and for you to stay strong! you are not alone laura...

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May God give you and your Dad grace, Laura. I will pray for both of you.

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