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Could you be a little more specific regarding your inquiry for the NO, MO diagnosis. Since, the only written information I have is the biopsy and path report, I would like to know what else I should have received, either verbal or written? I will be asking the doc all the questions from the links you suggested.




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    N0 M0

    N0 M0 is part of your diagnosis. (N=Lymph Nodes; 0=Zero positive) and (M=Metastases in far places; 0=Zero positive) indicating that the pathologist did analysed the lymph nodes and found nothing. However, the path report should indicate how many lymph nodes were analysed and the same goes for far metastases which should be checked with image studies.

    In any case some pathologists write N0 M0 simple because they have not analysed any (typical in robotic surgeries), but in fact such should be NX MX. After RP you got your Pathological Stage which indicates the status that will influence in the decision of a salvage treatment if required.
    Here is a link that may help you understand the staging;

    Wishing you get good answers from the doctor.