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Ladies ~ "Prempro" and "Fosamax" ~ likes or dislikes welcome

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Hi ladies,

I need advice. My gynecologist suggested that I take Prempro (estrogen/progesterone). I am Stage 3 Rectal Cancer with lymph node involvement with NED status since July 2011. My Oncologist seems reluctant about me going on hormone therapy but agreed with gynecologist that 6 months to get me feeling better would be alright~ I have the prescription in front of me but now am really debating if I even want to start it. Diagnosed at age 49...radiation fried my ovaries and through me into menopause. I am healing from a fractured hip (due to radiation). Oncologist started me on Fosamax 4 weeks ago to try and build bone mass up (I now have Osteopenia and Osteoarthritus in the hip) due to radiation and chemo. I am suffering from off and on headaches, sleepless nights, hot flashes and just general achy joints all over and no spunk/energy. Gynecologist thinks that Prempro will make me feel better. I am thinking that the Fosamax is my trouble. I would really like any input from any of you on either likes or dislikes on hormorne therapy and/or bone building drugs~ all advice welcome~ thanks.


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When I had my cancer surgery--and just like you, Stage 3 rectal--all extraneous parts were taken out: Ovaries, uterus, tubes, appendix and whatever else there was left--and I was spinning. The specialist who took out all my OB/GYN parts recommended a Femring, which is device that you put way up in your vagina for 3 months. It delivers hormones and you don't have to remember to take a pill or do anything, but change it 4x a year. Helps with bone strength and necessary hormones.
It's easy to insert.
Hope this helps~

Posts: 141
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Thanks for the reply ~ interesting that they took some of your female parts and appendix...with me they did not. Just fried everything instead~ I have not heard of Femring...certainly sounds easy enough. My Oncologist seems hesitant about any hormone therapy so that is why I am having second thoughts about starting anything that my gynecologist has prescribed.

Have a great weekend ~ really nice here in Minnesota. I have the pleasure of watching my one year old grandson for a few hours this afternoon. I certainly wish I could take him outside for a stroller ride but this darn hip issue forbides me to do that yet. Thanks again for this insight~


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I use the combie patch. I have tried pill form,liquid form and compound pharmacy, this is what works for me. It was ok with my onc to let me continue thru therapy, thank god he did. I had enough to deal with. Good luck, I hope u find relief.

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