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Stem Cell Treatment for Diffuse B Cell Lymphone Patient Over Age 70

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My father isn't responding to his treatment for diffuse large B cell lymphoma that is present in his bone marrow. I was wondering if anyone knows of a facility / doctor that will perform stem cell treatment on an otherwise healthy male over age 70. If so, please advise!!!

Thank you, and best wishes to everyone.

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University of Penn has a good facility, but I do not know the age they would not attempt to do the procedure... Vinny

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Hi legalshield1234,
If you live in or around Washington State, you can check out Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. It's rated one of the best cancer centers in the U.S for SCT's. From what I have read regarding SCT's...age 70 is not uncommon for getting the procedure done. It depends on one's health, type of cancer and how well one has handled past treatments. I'm sure your fathers doctor will have most of the information you need, or be able to refer you to the professionals needed. Good luck and best wishes. Sue
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