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my dad had stomach cancer stage 3 everthing came out ok after they took 3/4 of his stomach the only thing worng is that he is loseing wight he eats but he cant gan wight dose any one know wat he can eat to gan wight or dose any one have the same thing


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    My father is going through
    My father is going through the same thing. He had his entire stomach removed. We are unsure of the stage of the cancer because he is still healing from the surgery. He has lost about 30 pounds in the last few months, but now he has a feeding tube that is giving him around 1000 calories a day. He is trying to incorporate different foods into his diet, but is not having much luck.
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    Hullo Javier,I can speak
    Hullo Javier,I can speak with the experience i have with my son who had to have his whole stomach removed.He eats small meals very frequently,the last one around midnight and liquids,even water never with meals,always between.I add more oil and butter to his food to help him put on weight.Your father may not be able to digest food that is sweet so add little sugar. use more of wholegrains.Nuts are high in calories so he could keep munching nuts.Dried fruits may cause bloating so give them in small amounts.After the initial weight loss my son maintained weight.Hope this helps.All the best.