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Bendamustine and Rituxin?

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I'm the new kid in the building but, I'm also 5 years post-chemo (r-hyper CVAD) and 5 years post-autologeous (SP?) stem cell transplant on account-a MCL. The chemo caused leakage that created peritonitis that "whacked" my kidneys. Then, there's that menigioma in my cavernous sinus but, that's a different place. Now, my lymphoma has become recurrent.

So, the nice lady said Bendamustine and Rituximab. Anyone out there who can clue me as to how great this is going to feel? That first batch of stuff was pretty tough and it has turned me into quite the creepy old fart but, the MCL wasn't alone. This time it is. And, we think this is a good plan. Question... Anyone been down this particular treatment trail?

miss maggie
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I am so sorry you have to be on this site.

MY DX is different than yours. I was treated with Rituxan only. I heard about
Bendamustine when I was first DX in Sept 2009. For almost 2 years nothing
further about Bendamustine on this site. Then all of a sudden this treatment
has turned up numerous times. I am sure others will answer your question. From
what I have read, it seems this treatment is less toxic, and less side effects.
Also, very promising. I am not a doctor. Each individual is different. Hopefully
you will do as well on this treatment as others.

Good luck and keep us posted on your treatment. Maggie

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I was treated in 2010 with R-CVP. I was hearing about bendamustine and heard they are having a lot of success with it. I am not sure,but I think its also called treanda. I may be wrong and if I am I am sure someone will correct me or at least I hope they will. When I was in for a rituxan treatment there was a lady that was there for a bendamustine treatment. She was 11 years lymphome free before that. As has been said before we are all different and the chemicals affecy us all differently. John(FNHL-1-4A-5/10)

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Eayed, bendamustine is the generic for the trade name TREANDA... there one and the same just one a tadd cheaper I hope..

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Just thought I'd chime in since I have had this treatment. I was diagnosed with NHL (stage 4)in Feb 2011. I had six rounds of Bendamustine and Rituxin and it put me in remission. The first couple of rounds were the worst. I did have nausea and fatigue and I also ended up with a rash from the Rituxin. I didn't have any hair loss at all. I am still receiving Rituxin every 8 weeks as maintenance. That will go on for two years. I am doing great and have no side effects left from any of this.


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Hi to you---
I haven't been on site for quite awhile-
Diagnosed with NHL/Follicular Indolent B in August 2011;

I had six cycles of Bendamustine (Treanda)/Rituxan, completed mid December; am now on maintenance Rituxan every 8 weeks--
I had a couple of episodes of mild, brief nausea,--and by God's grace and answered prayer--only other side effect was fatigue---increased some with each treatment.
I did have some insomnia with the steroids---use of benadryl on the nights of chemotherapy helped with that!!

Currently my oncologist is watching me closely--which is par for the course during the first year or two---

Reading about these two drugs-Bendamustine is one of the least toxic of the chemotherapy drugs; Information about each is easily found on their respective web sites as well as some other reputable web sites---

Pray your treatments will not cause you much difficulty and that you will have complete response!!!

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