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PSA greater than 15 but can't find cancer

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Has anyone heard of PSA being consistently very high yet biopsies and digital not showing cancer? and no symptoms. this is over a period of years

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Welcome to the forum. You will get some great advice on this forum by veteran cancer surviviors.Please share with us your age, any F.Hx,any LUTS (lower urin. tract symptoms), any h/o prostatitis, prostate volume by TRUS, PSA chronology over the years, how many separate bx sessions, any imaging such as color doppler, ER-MRI,or any PCA-3 or %free PSA etc.You stated that you had no symptoms and the DRE was negative. I think your Urologist would need to be a bit more proactive with your rising PSA , and not just 'well, your bx negative again, next PSA check in 6 mo,' and then out the door.
Wish you well

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Welcome, although you seem to have made several post to date on CSN. Sorry you are dealing with this rising PSA challenge. I hope you are not deterred by the many questions already posed (and the few I’ve added below). Tons of questions with a lot of unfamiliar medical terms and letters (some even unfamiliar to many of us who have posted for a while), can be daunting, even intimidating, at first. Sometimes it’s necessary to get the full “picture” of your situation/history through questions so that any lay opinions and shared experiences that are offered will be more relevant for you. Please know that you, also, are encouraged to ask any & all questions if something is unclear. For most, many PCa terms, procedures and medical "speak" are overwhelming when first learning about PCa, PSA, etc.

A few more questions (sorry): How many cores were sampled @ each biopsy (bx)? Were any of the bx's targeted to specific samples using real time color Doppler or MRI imaging?
Thanks. BTW, cute pup pic! Good luck to you.

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Did any of the biopsies indicate atypia cells?

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You do not mention other details of the examination of your prostate. What was the estimated size, since greater size produces greater psa. Any inflammation? Were antibiotics used? Any result from their use?
I have a friend who had a rising psa with negative biopsies and psa reached 27 before another urologist tried a perineal sampling rather than transrectal. Perineal sampling is through the skin between the scrotum and the anus and can reach the apex area, for example, more effectively. This biopsy located a 3+4 tumor.
What does your doctor advise?

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