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Any help would be very much appreciated

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My cousin, who is like a brother to me has stage 3 melanoma, recently diagnosis, they found out in Jan, 2012. He will start undergoing interferon treatments on March 12. He will have them Monday thru Friday for a month, thru IV. After that he will have injections 3 times a week for the next year. He still has a PET scan due to lymph nodes that showed possible melanoma. He has undergone 2 surgeries to remove lymph nodes. The last surgery on his neck they removed 47 nodes and found no sign of melanoma. MRI's and previous PET scan have showed not spreading except for the questionable area. He has a wife who will have to work full time during this and 2 small daughters as well. I was hoping for advice from someone who has been thru the treatment, I would love to help him with comforts, as well as his family. We have prepared freezer meals for them. If there is anything that helps during treatment, food that is easy to eat, etc. I would love ideas. I am so worried and would do anything for his family.
Thanks everyone!

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My husband also did that for a year. He always took a tylenol & benadryl before his IV treatments and also once he did the injections he took tylenol & benadryl every 4 hours. it really helped. Recommend just resting the best that he can. I know that is hard with children. Also get with a good dermatologist to have regular check ups for changes in his skin. He is probably not going to feel like eating, but make sure to get alot of fluids with electrolytes in them. The more fluid he drinks the less likely he will have to have iv hydration, which my husband had to have several times during his treatment because he is not a big fan of water. We have alot of family support that would come in and clean & do laundry also. I know that was a blessing. Praying for him!

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