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Need some "teal" input

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Sorry I haven't been on the board much but we've been enjoying life! This is what I need some input on---finished my second chemo end of Nov and this recent checkup had my CA125 going from 7 to 24.5 in a 3 month period. Earlier chemo in 09 got me 2 yrs before I went from 7 to 30. Dr. said not to worry. Have to have a recheck in 2-3 months. I have no symptoms, feeling fine and lots of energy. I read where a lot of you have high CA125 so I feel silly being worried; just need some "teal advice".

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no matter how high or low that number is if it raise we all worrie. Mine in two months has gone from 6 to 82 and it has me worried. I have a few symptoms but the could be something else. A dear teal sister said it good not everything is cancer. Because we have been told that we have cancer and we are fighting when something changes or happen we think cancer and that is normal. I remember before I was told and I had stomche cramps I thought it was my monthly coming again even after I stopped having them I thought oh it's coming. I was only 40 when I went into perymenopauseal (sorry about spell no sleep and chemo brain)and by 45 was in menopause, but still did not think cancer. Are you having blood draws every three or six weeks. It's ok to wait the three months for the catscan if they are taking blood every few weeks to watch your ca125. I am sorry you are going through this but you are at the right place, please come back and let us know what happens. I am glad to hear you are enjoying life.

Love, Hugs, and Prayers

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I finished chemo back in Oct. 2011, my number after my third treatment was 18, lowest I have ever been, numbers have been up and down ever since. Was 57 back in November then it went down to 30.5 now back up to 37 have had 2 cat scans since October and everything clear, oncologist not concerned, but will be getting it checked once a month in fact I go tomorrow and it is always stressful when you have to have those dang numbers checked. Dread it. Some women I know say theirs goes up and down. So who knows I guess everybody is different really would like to get in the single digits and stay there.

Hugs and Prayers

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Hi Verna, I have missed seeing you on here but so glad you were out enoying life. Regarding the CA125: if it were me, I would have it rechecked in one month. I wouldn't wait 2. If it rose again, then I would ask for a scan.

I will be praying for you.


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Hi glad to hear from you but love to take second place to life ! I agree just to be safe have the ca125 sooner, won't hurt.
Have fun in the meantime.

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you are enjoying life, Verna. Keep us posted on your results.


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mine kept creeping up little by little and my md ordered pet/ct scan. ..run don't walk and ask for one,,best of luck..val

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