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Energy Medicine

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I’m interested to hear of your experiences with energy medicine - acupuncture, healing touch, reiki, tong ren, etc.? I’m not interested to debate this or defend it, just to learn of others experiences.

I will share mine. I have a friend who introduced me to Tong Ren 2 years ago when I learned of my first recurrence. She shared her first hand experience of people with serious illness (including end stage cancer) being healed. I read a book on it and have since participated in weekly group sessions. I never had an individual session until today - I spent 2 hours on the phone and had a fascinating discussion with the practitioner who also gave me tong ren therapy session. It is all very "out there"; so foreign compared to our western thinking.

Some things the practitioner told me are:
* cancer was made by my body (cancer is a "self cell" vs. “non-self cells” caused by external virus, etc.)and the immune system PROTECTS cancer
* illness is result of blockages in flow of energy in body.
* diet does not effect cancer
* to minimize the negative energy that I am putting out (immediately forgive self and others)
* to eliminate fear
* to shift my thinking about Chester (it’s good thing that I named it) from negative images/thoughts to positive ones. He said the most fascinating thing – “you gave birth to Chester. He is here to help you learn something wonderful. You will keep Chester as long as you need to”

The practitioner I worked with today is not taking new referrals (he took me as favor to our mutual friend) but he does free group sessions weekly. If anyone wants specifics on this email me.

I have had healing touch sessions for over 3 years from nurse friend who would target therapies around my treatments and maintenance. I think it's interesting that my gyn-onc recently described "Chester" (my UPSC) as indolent (lazy) and I wonder if this is due to the energy work.

I'm now going to jump from my vegan ship and have an egg sandwich!! Hugs to all,

Mary Ann

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In Michael Lerner's classic, thorough, and wonderful book East and West: Ways of Healing (not sure that's the exact title), he explores the evidence for healing from both nutritional and energy healing systems.

Chinese herbal medicine, thousands of years old, he is convinced has many wonderful things to offer us if we would open our minds. And his chapter on Qi Gong (particularly re some cases of advanced uterine cancer) so impressed me that I am looking for a place to study Qi Gong here in my own city.

Don't recall too much about the discipline you depict but now intend to look into it.

Thanks for sharing this.


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Rosey, we begin every tong ren session with qi gong. I did the routine before my session today!! It's good stuff.

Mary Ann

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I've been pursuing several complementary treatments along with the allopathic one (which is a hormonal one, fortunately, making it easy to avoid conflicts).
My mainstays are Ayurveda and acupuncture, but I have a healthy side of qi gong as well. I've been pursuing each of these since last September/October, when I heard that my chemo was ineffective and I had developed lung mets.(Sorry, I know some of this info is repetitive, but others will be reading this for the first time.) Now that I'm about six months into this complementary approach, I'm beginning to get a better handle on it and think more attentively about how I bring the methods home (that is, do more than go somewhere and have someone do something to me).
Ayurveda, in my experience, is holistic in the extreme, emphasizing the unity of body-mind-spirit. Unlike tong ren, Ayurveda stresses diet, though people's interpretations of the basic principles vary considerably. I've been vegan for a while mostly to detoxify myself, not necessarily because the meat/dairy products are inherently bad. Like tong ren, though, Ayurveda also believes that spirit affects body and mind, and all must heal together. My conversation with my Ayurvedic healer today, for example, focused on the concept of "blue" anger (her phrase), which can be constructive and catalytic--as long as it doesn't include self-blame.
My particular treatments under Ayurveda include supplements and teas, oils (for skin and sinuses) and energy work. The energy "infusions" I've experienced have been amazing, transformative.
There's a lot more to convey than I have time and space to do here. I don't have any great recommendations for texts yet but can let you know.
Of course, the acupuncture and qi gong have a lot in common with each other and I suppose also with tong ren. Energy flows, within and without, are of fundamental importance. Illness develops when energy is blocked, just as you said, Mary Ann. My acupuncturist works on particular channels/meridians depending on what she gleans from my pulse (something my Ayurvedist checks too, but differently). I like the qi gong practice, but it does take quite a while to incorporate. Six months is the merest beginning. Still, I think it's helpful and the more I do of it, the better.
I have had complete healing of the pedal neuropathy I acquired from the cisplatin over the spring and summer, thanks largely to the acupuncture (I think). I've had dramatic improvement in the number and size of lesions from one CT to the next; now we're aiming for NED (later this month). I'm generally more peaceful, for sure, despite the incredible challenges that have also come my way since my cancer dx. In particular: my daughter's major depressive episode, and my ex's challenging of my custody. Pretty bad, no? Oh, and that's not even counting losing my job.... And still, I'm here and kicking.
So yes, my testimonial on behalf of these complementary approaches would be unreservedly positive.
Hugs to you, Mary Ann, and Rosey, and anyone else who stops by! Thanks for getting this started. I'll try to check into that book you recommend, Rosey.

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Mary Ann

Although I have never heard of Tong Ren, I think whatever the Tong Ren practitioner told you about cancer may have validity.

From my readings, I have already come to the the conclusion that I do not have a deficient immune system but it is definitely DERANGED and not working like it used to.

The fact that diet does not affect cancer may be true once cancer is established; however, I still believe that diet plays a part in the genesis/prevention of cancer--I'm just not sure how or to what extent.

I think of cancer as a parasitic twin and remind it "If I die, you do, too."

There is no doubt in my mind that there is a big lesson to be learned from cancer--how wonderful the lesson may be is in the eye of the beholder.

Thanks for sharing the info & starting this thread.

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I found this very interesting, Mary Ann. Thanks so much for sharing. I like finding out new things. Also love the photo next to blue dog. Hugs right back at you. Norma

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thank you for bringing this topic.
I always was into energy medicine. I belive that there is some kind of energy that flows through our body. There is some kind of synergy between our body, mind and soul. If we are sick, that means there is some blockage. The stress we live in, the fear that we feel or unforgiveness can create imbalance between these three and cause an illness.So far I have tried reflexology, acupancture, and reiki healing and I see a difference after each treatment. I'm very interested in ayurveda and thinking of going to India for this theraphy.


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maryAnn, I agree with this theory, I have been going to healing touch for a month now, and I could see how the energy was returning. After, my treatments, I am going to pursue accupucture to try naturally boost my immune system.
With all the problems I've had with my WBC, not my back went out, and have seen a chiropractor for an adjustment. The pain could be from the Neupogen shots, maybe both.

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